Outcome of the Duel!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 26
Gourmet: 227
Japanese Title: 決闘の行方!!
Story Arc: Cooking Festival Arc
Romanized Title: Kettō no yukue!!
Viz Title: Outcome of the Duel!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: March 25, 2013
WSJ Issue: Issue 17-2013
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As the battle between Sunny and Tommyrod reaches its climatic end, a dark secret is revealed.

Long SummaryEdit

Tommyrod is still frozen from Sunny's detached hair. He witnesses Sunny's Satan Hair devour his detached arm, and starts to grow respect for his opponent. Tommyrod is freed of the hairs control and lunges at Sunny, but Sunny launches his hair through Tommyrod's torso. Despite Tommyrod's best efforts the hair manages to wrap around and consume Tommyrod, killing him instantly. Sunny collapses to the floor too exhausted and injured to go on, admitting to himself that it wasn't a beautiful victory. Zebra is seen protecting the audience with his voice, warning that it'll just be a little longer before he's ready to join in.

Kuriboh walks into the secret meeting requestiong to kill Ume, revealing himself to be a second undercover agent. Kousairou scolds Kuriboh for being late and Mahmai Moi tells him to spare Ume because he's a good cook. Darnil Kahn laughs about the irony that both of the men Ichiryu sent were traitors. Colonel Mokkoi reveals the organizations name is Neo, and they have agents all over the world including IGO and the Gourmet Corp.. Zaus is shown and revealed to be a member of Neo, he requests Kuriboh and Kousairou's help to take down Setsuno. Mahmai Moi tells them that Joie is on his way to the stadium.

The chapter ends with Tengu Brunch facing down Elg.

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