Chapter Info
Volume: 26
Gourmet: 228
Japanese Title: 稲妻!!
Story Arc: Cooking Festival Arc
Romanized Title: Inazuma!!
Viz Title: Lightning!!
Total Pages: 17
Year Released: April 1, 2013
WSJ Issue: Issue 18-2013
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Short SummaryEdit

Elg demostrates his abilities to Brunch in their battle and why he is the Branch Chief of the 1st Branch in the Gourmet Corp..

Long SummaryEdit

Brunch is facing down Elg, who has been singed from Brunch's last attack. Elg begins to introduce himself but is struck down by Brunch's attack, however he quickly gets back up and surprise attacks Brunch, who manages to dodge. It is revealed that every cell in Brunch's body is capable of amplifiying electricity, and that on average his attacks contain 100 million volts and 100 thousand amps. He strikes Elg with an Eleki Chop, but Elg is hardly phased and lunges at Brunch, who manages to dodge  nothing but a cut on his cheek. Elg reveals that he can't age or die because he had mounted the legendary immortal Heraku. Brunch cuts him into bits with his Inazuma Bouchou, and deduces that Elg's cells are merely regenerating themselves before they die, like an Immortal Jellyfish. Elg survives and claims it's hard for him to recieve stimuli since he's been alive 200 years and has seen everything; Brunch is shown in shock, as he is now surrounded by dozens of Elgs. The Elg's ambush Brunch, whose batteries are drained from his techniques, and lands a powerful Heraku kick to his chest. The chapter ends as Elg states he probably won't even remember Brunch.

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  • Parallel Electric Chop
  • Lightning Kitchen Knife
  • Spiral Lightning Fine Cut
  • Immortality
  • Regeneration
  • Clonal Fragmentation
  • Herak Kick

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