Slipped in Thing
Chapter Info
Volume: 3
Gourmet: 24
Japanese Title: 紛れていたモノ!!
Story Arc: Regal Mammoth Arc
Romanized Title: Magirete Ita Mono!!
Viz Title: An Unwelcome Guest!!
Total Pages: 21
Year Released: November 3, 2008
WSJ Issue: Issue 49-2008
Episodes: Episode 8
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Short SummaryEdit

People run in fear seeing the ferocious Devil Serpent. Elsewhere Chief Mansam confronts an strange old man that remains at the coliseum whereas the others fled. Furthermore, he reveals himself as a GT Robo. The Chief then threatens to kill him.

Long SummaryEdit

The beast tension is at maximum. Rin tries to subdue The Devil Python by releasing a 'Super Relaxation Fragrance'. This fragrance was extracted from the pheromones of the world's most peaceful animal 'The Grinning Manatee'. However, before Rin can release the gas, The Devil Python breaks open his cage and nearly vomits on her. The Devil Python, now full of 'Battle Fragrance' heads toward the arena. Meanwhile, back at said arena, the other beasts are wreaking havoc. Mansam enters the fray to try and subdue the animals. As he enters the arena he notices the newly born Battle Wolf in the comfort of his mother. Just then, The Devil Python bursts into the arena. It extends its arms and grabs hold of all the beasts, minus the Battle Wolves, and eats them whole. Mansam, noticing Komatsu hasn't left the arena, applauds him for his bravery. He then notices another man who hasn't left his seat during all the chaos. Mansam recognizes him as President Dohem of the Republic of Roto. As he asks him to please evacuate, Dohem punches through his stomach. Mansam, seemingly ok, uses his 'Frying Pan Punch' to knock the strange old man back. Then the strange man reveals his true identity. In reality he is a GT Robo from the Bishokukai who was disguised as a high class citizen. With everyone in the coliseum on edge over the discovery, Mansam seems unfazed by its presence. Mansam says he will turn him into mantel pieces.


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