Rampaging Beast Jiro!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 27
Gourmet: 243
Japanese Title: 暴獣・ニ狼!!
Story Arc: Cooking Festival Arc
Romanized Title: Bōjū Jirō!!
Viz Title: Savage Beast Jiro!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: July 29, 2013
WSJ Issue: Issue 35-2013
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Joie compliments Jiro's power as he demonstrates his rampaging knocking even with the world itself. The second wolf insists on knowing who the Mystery Man is, and he uncovers the villain just to expose a surprising face.

Long SummaryEdit

With just a flick of his index finger, Jiro blows the head off a Joie-revived Nitro. It moves forward a step under its own momentum, then collapses to the ground. The witnesses are shocked by his raw power. Joie remarks on Jiro's sheer strength as the Knocking Master straightens with his trademark expression.

Terry, Kiss, and Quinn bound through the wrecked landscape as Jiro apologizes to Setsuno for the delay in his arrival. With a smile, she thanks him for saving her at that cruical moment, only for Jiro to find his left ankle bound by roots generated by Teppei. Suddenly, his expression changes - eyes open, a ferocious snarl, glaring at his grandson: "What the hell are you doing, Teppei?!!!" The explosion of power rattles Teppei and petrifies Brunch, who remarks no one in his hometown could yell like that - this is the power of Knocking Master Jiro, one of three most powerful people in the world.

Joie notes a decapitated Nitro can continue to fight for several months. Jiro turns to Joie, asking the identity of the man who bound his grandson. Ignoring the question, Joie continues: Jiro's one-fingered attack not only blew off the Nitro's head, but simultaneously Knocked the body, displaying both destruction and delicacy in one smooth move. As Joie remembers, long ago Acacia himself was apprehensive of the immense power wielded by a man with a brutal nature: the Wolf, "Rampaging Beast" Jiro. The ender of the Gourmet War made Jiro his disciple, sealing part of his strength and implanting him with the technique to control it. Joie jokes, calling Jiro an "utter drunkard", and invites him to fight one of NEO's members. Eyes barely open and a smile on his face, Jiro merely asks if Joie is an idiot, then with his Intimidation and a punch, unleashes one of his greatest techniques: "Grand Knocking."

Every member of the battle is frozen, though the stronger ones can still speak. Jiro has used Knocking to freeze not only the island, but in an instant, the entire world.

Suddenly, a massive wall of tornadoes forms a massive tsunami, hurtling towards the battlefield. Damala Sky XIII and Chiru panic; ignoring their cries, Joie notes that Jiro really managed to nearly stop the Earth's rotation. Jiro cuts him off mid-sentence with a blindingly fast stroke...only to reveal the true identity of Joie: Froese?

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