Enigmatic Identity!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 28
Gourmet: 244
Japanese Title: 謎を呼ぶ正体!!
Story Arc: Cooking Festival Arc
Romanized Title: Nazo o Yobu Shōtai!!
Viz Title: Puzzling Identity!!
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: August 5, 2013
WSJ Issue: Issue 36-2013
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The fight between Joie, Jiro, and Setsuno continues as both sides reveal more of their abilities, but Starjun arrives carrying an unconscious Komatsu and Joie demands Starjun hand over Komatsu.

Long SummaryEdit

Eyes wide open, Jiro and Setsuno are shocked to see Joie's true features - a perfect replica of the legendary Froese's hair and face, save for several deep, vein-like lines running across the face and down the neck and for slitted pupils.

Damala Sky XIII and Chiruscream as a swirling mass of tornadoes hurls a massive wall of water kilometers high towards the beach. Joie quickly leaps into the air, shedding his cloak with Instant Shedding. Quickly, Joie uses God Cooking: Sky Cut to pierce the tsunami, splitting it apart and eliminating the natural disaster to the shock of Wabutora and Brunch.

Setsuno stammers that the technique used was Froese's and resolves with Jiro to confirm Joie's true identity. Setsuno changes her Takitsuba's form to a dagger-like blade and uses Cook Road, while Jiro uses his Wolf King's Fangs to hurl Rising Wolf: Guiness Punch at Joie. The attack forms a bolt of lightning with a wolf's head, jaws open, baring down at Joie. Joie changes form and uses Intimidation and Satan Mince, quickly mincing the air around him to shatter their combined attack.

Jiro confirms to Setsuno that he saw what Joie did, and further remarks that Joie has perfectly mastered his Gourmet Cells, meaning he has eaten Acacia's Full Course. Considering only Acacia and Froese have been known to do that, Jiro tells Setsuno he believes Joie is Froese; however, Setsuno cuts him off declaring the opposite. She notes that Froese's form when using her Gourmet Cells to their full power had a starkly different face than Joie's when doing the same. Further, Froese, she declares, is dead. Jiro, confused, asks Setsuno what 'that creature' could be.

To the surprise of all three, a Braga Dragon emerges from the clouds. Standing on its head is Starjun, and in his arm, an unconscious Komatsu. Setsuno cries out the chef's name, and Joie grins with delight that Komatsu is still alive. She asks Starjun to turn him over, addressing him as the Gourmet Corp.'s "#2 in power." Starjun claims he realized NEO's existence while the Gourmet Corp. was fighting for the Jewel Meat on Regal Island; the recruit in the Giant GT Robo, Gido, was a NEO mole in the organization, representing the most ominous threat to the Gourmet Corp. - surpassing that posed by the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu. Joie demands Komatsu once more, still maintaining a polite yet icy facade. Starjun declines again - and the earth begins shaking!

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As thanks to the great reaction to the theatrical movie and to celebrate the 2nd consecutive Jump Comics Volume going on a sale, this chapter features a colored cover page of Joie making a disquieting smile as his shocking identity is revealed.

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