The Moment of Closure!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 28
Gourmet: 245
Japanese Title: 終末の刻!!
Story Arc: Cooking Festival Arc
Romanized Title: Shūmatsu no Toki!!
Viz Title: At the End!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: August 12, 2013
WSJ Issue: Issue 37-38-2013
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The battle with the Mystery Man ends as Joie is left in a disadvantage to fight. A surprise attack from Midora forces the Bishokukai and NEO to retreat.

Long SummaryEdit

Joie demands Starjun hand over Komatsu, who lies unconcious and held by the Bishokukai. Starjun refuses with a slight smile.

Meanwhile, Terry leaps across the battlefield, coming to a halt when he sees Toriko collapsed on the gound before him. Suddenly, the entire island begins to rumble. Jiro is shocked as a button pops off his vest, landing in his palm. Setsuno calls his name as he stares at it wordlessly; then he looks up. A monstrous third eye has appeared in Starjun's forehead, and his Intimidation roars at Joie, its appearance now matching Starjun's with a fully open cycloptic eye. Joie laughs, noting that Starjun has "Bloomed" and was born with Gourmet Cell genetics. Starjun suggests the monster within him awoke due to his battle with Toriko as he risked his life to retrieve Komatsu for the Bishokukai. He boldly challenges Joie to come at him, and questions Joie's ability to manipulate him. Joie smirks, telling Starjun that if Setsuno, Jiro, and other powerhouses weren't around it's likely Joie would attack. However, Joie notes "wounding" Starjun in his state seems difficult.

Suddenly, Joie is cut off before he can complete his remark, as ominous dark clouds swirl around the battlefield - a voice booms down from the heavens, claiming "Nothing will get in my way....." Starjun turns to look at the source, noting it is Midora's voice and power. Joie excitedly realizes the other "Peak Showdown" has concluded. Quickly, Starjun yells at Jiro to rescind his Knocking - the Spice is going to fall and everyone will be killed! Grumbling, Jiro does so as Starjun orders Grinpatch to evacuate. Simultaneously, Joie orders Tokage to retrieve all the NEO members in the area. Tokage transforms into a shadowy liquid and quickly snatches the NEO members; however, Kuriboh quickly moves away before he is retrieved by the beast. It rounds up Shigematsu as a bloodied Mansom looks on, breathing heavily.

Mansom remembers Ichiryu's words in a flashback - if anything happens to Ichiryu, Mansom tells him the Human World will be in danger and will be Mansom's responsibility. Suddenly, it hits Mansom - he turns to the sky to see meteors falling from the dark clouds above, lighting up the island. Toriko and Komatsu are shown unconcious; Terry watches, snarling; Sunny lies on the ground, bloodied but concious; and Zebra looks up, hand across his jaw. In disbelief, Jiro and Setsuno watch the meteors rain from the heavens - as Jiro notes, Ichiryu has been defeated by the "smallfry cat" (the tiger), Midora.

"Meteor Spice", Midora's attack, rains down, hurling debris and destruction across the area.

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Coco, Toriko, Sunny, Rin, Zebra and Komatsu are jumping happily on the same direction over a background with lights.

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