One More Deciding Battle!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 28
Gourmet: 246
Japanese Title: もう一つの決戦!!
Story Arc: Cooking Festival Arc
Romanized Title: Mō Hitotsu no Kessen!!
Viz Title: One More Final Battle!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: August 26, 2013
WSJ Issue: Issue 39-2013
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Before the events of Cooking Fest, the 0th Biotope members gather around different Gourmet World sectors while the Bishokukai confronts them in the fight for Acacia's Full Course.

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Midora's Meteor Spice rains down upon the entire Human World, not limited to simply Cooking Island. However, before looking at the effects we look at the members of the 0th Biotope in the Gourmet World, before the battle begins in the Human World.

On "Slow Rain Hills", Ichiryu wields a gigantic knife forged by Melk the First to secure Acacia's Salad, "AIR" , as the knife's creator and Gourmet Surgeon Atashino look on.

At the "Birth Cry Tree", a gigantic tree rising from mountains with pouring rain surrounding it, Gourmet Gang Leader Guemon and Seitai Master Malee work to grab Acacia's Soup, "PAIR". A group of a dozen Bishokukai members, including several GT Robos, appear to confront them, led by Executive Chef Dores. Dores calls the pair shorthanded, much to the amusement of Guemon, who comically forgets Dores' name. An exasperated Malee reminds him, and with a smirk Guemon remarks that there's a shortage of good opponents before them.

At "Stardust Road", a glittering river in a pitch-black landscape, Warden Love and Gourmet Astronomer Rala, and Warrior Tack are arrayed to capture Acacia's Fish dish, "ANOTHER". While Love is enchanted by the beauty of their surroundings, Rala gazes into the sky. Before he can comment on the movements of the heavens, Bishokukai Head Chef Kuromado appears with a squad of GT Robos. Kuromado dismisses Love's enjoyment, telling the trio they'll soon be gazing at the afterlife instead.

At "Food Region Forest", Gourmet Assassin Megaroadras and Gourmet Mountain Bandit Goblin Ramon are going after Acacia's Meat, "NEWS". The roots of the trees tower over the two criminals, as Ramon suggests a competition to see which one can kill the most enemies. Eager for a fight, the two prepare to attack the familiar Bishokukai Garcon, Alfaro, and his GT Robos.

Saiseya Yosaku and Gourmet Magician Manan prepare to revive "EARTH", Acacia's Dessert, in the "Gourmet Garden", a vast hilly landscape of beautiful flowers. The Bishokukai Private Saiseya, Kaitora, appears with the same goal and a squad of creatures dissimilar to the GT Robos encountered previously. Yosaku grins, telling Kaitora there's something he wants to ask him; however, before we can hear the question we are brought to the next pair.

On the "Developmental Fever Bridge", a winding chaotic structure strewn between mountains, Gourmet Literary Master Melisman and Martial Artist Sakura search for Acacia's Drink, "ATOM". Melisman tells Sakura she never believed her 'last job' would be a battle instead of writing. Sakura tells Melisman that she will live to convey the taste of Acacia's Full Course to the people. Unlike for the other ingredients, the Bishokukai send  a pair to defeat their 0th Biotope counterparts, Head Chefs Boneless and Kairu. 

Finally, at "The Continent of Beginnings", former Yakuza Boss Ryu and Gourment Combatant Rapp wait for everyone's return with two members of the yakuza. Their mission is to survive until "that time", no matter which 0th Biotope members survive to return with their ingredients. Before them stands the Bishokukai's Aide to the Executive Chef, Niceny, who is surprised that Ichiryu is not there. He comes with a larger squad of GT Robos than most, disappointed that only Ryu can be found. 

Back on "Slow Rain Hills", a massive leopard with eight legs similar to a gigantic octopus appears. On its back stands Midora. Ichiryu invites him to have a "nice, relaxing chat" with a grin on his face. Midora smiles and replies "Only with fists, old man, " and the Tiger and Dragon begin their battle...

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