The Clash of Two Mighty Rivals, the Dragon and the Tiger!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 28
Gourmet: 247
Japanese Title: 龍虎激突!!
Story Arc: Cooking Festival Arc
Romanized Title: Ryūko Gekitotsu!!
Viz Title: Ryu and Midora Collide!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: September 2, 2013
WSJ Issue: Issue 40-2013
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Short SummaryEdit

The confrontation between the Dragon and the Tiger begins with some astounding beasts to challenge, but these are easily subdued by Ichiryu.

Long SummaryEdit

Ichiryu insists that he and Midora change their location, Midora merely states that where they fought did not matter for either way Ichiryu would be going to the "Next World". Both Ichiryu and Midora then ascend the skies and land on Stray Islands, here Midora taunts Ichiryu for a slight moment, telling him to be the food of several stray beasts. Midora then takes note of Ichiryu's Gravity and notes that it was not a mere physical gravity achieved through Food Immersion but a Gravity that is so powerful it matches the "Power of Humanity" itself. After experiencing a slight shock when Ichiryu forms his hands and uses his Chopsticks, Midora was reminded by Ichiryu of the day the two previously fought. Ichiryu prompts that he failed to kill Midora in the past and Ichiryu is there to finish what he started. Ichiryu then states of how much Midora has rotted, Midora replies by simply stating that Ichiryu had merely aged.

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Midora's and Ichiryu's smiling faces are halved and shown together.

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