Ichiryu's Power!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 28
Gourmet: 248
Japanese Title: 一龍の力!!
Story Arc: Cooking Festival Arc
Romanized Title: Ichiryū no Chikara!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: September 9, 2013
WSJ Issue: Issue 41-2013
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Midora demonstrates his frightful skills, albeit Ichiryu overcomes him without difficulty and reveals his true power.

Long SummaryEdit

With Midora and Ichiryu at a standoff, Midora proceeds to stick out his tongue, he then uses his technique, Hunger Tongue, to extend the length of his own tongue to extremes lash it like a whip towards the three beasts that were caught on Ichiryu's Chopsticks, consuming all three with only a touch of his tongue. He then proceeds to lash his tongue down towards Ichiryu (but missing the target), piercing the grounds of Stray Island with extreme ease, he then continues to lash his tongue and split a large chunk of the island. Midora noticed that Ichiryu had already managed to dodge his attack and fly to the sky, this made Midora return his tongue back to his mouth. Having realized what had just occurred, Ichiryu explains to Midora the slips of his movements and how his movements caused an "error below micro level". With this knowledge, Midora asked if what was applied in order to dodge the attack was the "Square Root Law". Midora then gives an example of the "Square Root Law" by saying that if he had one hundred particles all together, the square root of the one hundred particles - ten - would have a rather exceptional movement. With the "Square Root Law" further explained, Midora then states to Ichiryu that many creatures are capable of flight however only Ichiryu himself uses an unusual method by using the extremely small number of "stray atoms" (minority) in order to lift himself. Ichiryu then replies that even though they are a minority, one day they will band make a change, Ichiryu then proceeds to tell Midora of the minority within him gaining influence little by little to which Midora violently reject by proceeding to attack Ichiryu using his Tongue of Thorns. Midora's attack was easily blocked; Ichiryu rushed to Midora and proceeded to jab Midora's mouth with his Chopsticks however Midora managed to quickly block off the attack using his Tongue Shield, Midora then counters using a flurry of punches towards Ichiryu, each missing by mere inches. Ichiryu taunted Midora by stating that he didn't even need to dodge, Midora then took on a full hit of Ichiryu's Seseri Bashi, being jabbed with a flurry of Chopsticks. With this, Midora takes note of the precision of his movements, and was now put at an extreme disadvantage. Ichiryu then States it his time to shine. 

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