The Minority's Rebellion!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 28
Gourmet: 249
Japanese Title: 少数派の反逆!!
Story Arc: Cooking Festival Arc
Romanized Title: Shōsūha no Hangyaku!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: September 16, 2013
WSJ Issue: Issue 42-2013
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An array of attacks of Ichiryu seems to keep Midora at bay, but the Bishokukai Boss rapidly keeps pace with the IGO's President.

Long SummaryEdit

As the two continue to do battle, Ichiryu gains the upper hand with his Minority World. Due to the behaviour of Ichiryu's ability, Midora struggles to fight Ichiryu as every move he makes, from his attacks, to even the simplest of movements, have become overruled by the"minority" (stray atoms) which causes the original nature of the atoms around the area to become heavily distorted. With this, begins a flurry of attacks using his Chopsticks. As Midora attempts hold his ground against Ichiryu, Ichiryu taunts Midora by asking Midora what he was aiming for and that Ichiryu hasn't even taken a single step. With the nature of stray atoms against him, Midora continues his attempts to attack Ichiryu but all have failed to do so; Ichiryu states that Midora's body has began to stop listening to him and that the grounds that they stood on are becoming overruled by the minority thus that which is usually composed as a hard and rigid material becomes soft. Midora still attempts to hit Ichiryu but to no avail; Ichiryu then begins to state that the true terror behind his Minority World was not the distortion of the area around them nor the conciousness being ignored by the strays, but the fact that Minority World literally reverses all natural forms of behaviour, thus Midora's struggle to survive have now been reversed by the strays and instead of trying to keep him alive, they are killing him. Ichi then states that ever since his technique was executed, the battle had been decided. Ichiryu then projects a single Chopstick and explains to Midora that he regrets the day in which he was unable to finish him off. As Ichiryu says that he will meet his brother on the other side, his Chopstick began to break and with it, his right arm. Midora then states that it his time to shine.

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