Bottomless Empty Stomach!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 28
Gourmet: 250
Japanese Title: 底知れぬ空腹!!
Story Arc: Cooking Festival Arc
Romanized Title: Sokoshirenu Sora Hara!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: September 23, 2013
WSJ Issue: Issue 43-2013
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Midora keeps devouring his older brother as he recalls his insatiable appetite from the past before being found by the Chef Goddess.

Long SummaryEdit

With the intensity of the fight between Ichiryu and Midora reaching deadly levels, a vortex known as the Emperor's Ring forms around the two forces. The vortex was so intense that unlike the many vortex formed in the Gourmet World, the one that had been formed between Ichryuu and Midora had a seriously deadly Gravitational Pull that pulled any helpless monsters within vicinity, all of them ultimately being lead to their death. Ichiryu praises Midora for having gone through such an extent as to end his life in order to gain the upper hand by reversing the effects of Minority World around him. Midora them follows his comment with saying that he was able to imitate such an ability however Ichiryu retorts by saying that it is not nearly enough to imitate him in order to gain the upper hand and suddenly rescineds his Minority World in order to allow the "majority" of the atoms in Midora to deal a heavy damage to him by reversing what the "minority" had done.

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