Acacia and His Three Disciples!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 28
Gourmet: 251
Japanese Title: 美食神と三弟子!!
Story Arc: Cooking Festival Arc
Romanized Title: Bishoku-shin to San Deshi!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: September 30, 2013
WSJ Issue: Issue 44-2013
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A young Midora is saved and fed by a charismatic Froese, and he is quickly adopted to join Acacia's family.

Long SummaryEdit

Midora was an orphaned infant born atop a pile of hard straw during the disastrous era of the Gourmet War who along with several other human babies was given to a livestock of wild Red Haired Pigs to be used as food for the carnivorous pigs during the starving times, however Midora was luckily born with Gourmet Cells and instead proved to be a competent predator even in in fancy, and was thus raised as one of their own, feeding off the mother pigs' teats and learning to survive in the wild like an animal. Midora, the feral child. Once he reached childhood, he proved to be a fast and wild child who often stole food from nearby settlements in order to survive, often running from townsfolk who were not only angered by his thefts but who also feared him due to his ability to survive amongst the Red Haired Pigs. The starving Midora is discovered by Froese. Growing up he had an insatiable appetite that would not be satisfied

Midora getting discovered by Frohze

Midora discovered by Froese

no matter how much he stole or what he ate (even if it was sand or tree bark) and sometimes he would pass out from his uncontrollable hunger. Eventually however, his wild life as a thieving young predator came to an end when the Gourmet War worsened, beginning a harsh food shortage and many difficulties for the young child. After finally collapsing from starvation, he was discovered by a young Froese who then took the starving child with her. After awaking in Froese's home, the young Midora was shocked and fearful, but after Froese kindly offered him some of her homemade food, Midora was driven to tears by her kindness and charity as he had never known such a feeling before in his life. When he awoke the next day he was greeted by a large meal prepared just for him by Froese, making it the first time he had ever eaten a warm meal, this caused him to warm up to Froese and become very protective of her. Later on when AcaciaIchiryu and Jiro returned home from a hunt, Midora become very hostile towards them but was quickly calmed by Froese who let him know that they were not enemies, but were in fact his new adoptive family. He is quickly adopted to join Acacia's family as the years pass by.

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Acacia and Froese are standing along with their adoptive sons Midora, Jiro, and Ichiryu in their teen ages.

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