The Tiger's Tears!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 28
Gourmet: 253
Japanese Title: Tora no Namida!!
Story Arc: Cooking Festival Arc
Romanized Title: 虎の涙!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: October 14, 2013
WSJ Issue: Issue 46-2013
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Acacia and Froese leave to make a halt to the Gourmet War, but this leaves the chef extremely weakened and she makes her last cooking to save her son.

Long SummaryEdit

The Blue Nitro appear outside Acacia's Home and he tells his disciples to not interfere because no one can beat them. Acacia and Froese then leave with the pack of Nitro as Midora laments himself for not stopping his mother. Several months pass while the Gourmet War keeps bringing havoc upon Human World, until a Gourmet Solar Eclipse occurs. The world is put into chaos for a month of complete darkness since all food supplies drop and Ichiryu and the others give the food they had amassed to the humankind. However, Midora had slipped into the darkness bit by bit. He remembered Froese and her generosity to other ones as she gave them the food she cooked. After the Eclipse, Acacia returns with an extremely weakened Froese. Ichiryu goes with Acacia for unbeknown reasons as Midora stays with Froese. He inquires about what happened and how she became weakened. She states she cooked a ingredient that could stop the war (meaning GOD). Midora, in an effort to save his Mother's life, goes to find some cure water. Midora captures the cure water but is extremely wounded in the process. Froese then activates "God Cooking in a last effort to save her son. Froese then dies as Midora deems liable for her death. Jiro tries to preform knocking but to no avail. The three disciples , Acacia and Setsuno stand bleakly over Froese's grave. As Acacia asks for Froese's forgiveness, Midora runs off and gets cure water. Everyday, he would cry and pour cure water over his mom's grave. Until one day the war reached it end by the help of the holy ingredient GOD. Ichiryu tells Midora about Acacia's plan to seal away his Full Course Menu. The two brothers clash with Ichiryu as the victor.

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