A Sad End!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 29
Gourmet: 254
Japanese Title: 悲しみの果て!!
Story Arc: Cooking Festival Arc
Romanized Title: Kanashimi No Hate!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: October 21, 2013
WSJ Issue: Issue 47-2013
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Ichiryu stands together under a sunshine smiling with his adoptive sons Sunny, Coco, Toriko and Zebra in their infant age while displaying the motto "Inherited will - Entrusted hope!!".

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The outstanding battle between the two brothers ends with Midora as the victor, who then shoots his spice of anger to the Human World.

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Ichiryu vs. Midora concludes with Midora as the victor. Midora then expresses his emotions, stating he felt crumpled within and only eating eased the feeling. As Ichiryu is helpless due to his state, he questions Midora's hunger; Midora replies that his hunger has no end, no matter how much he eats. Ichiryu expressed disappointment at his brother as he had forgotten their mission: To succeed Acacia's Will and Froese's Heart. With this, Ichiryu stated that in their previous battle, it was not Ichiryu who had defeated Midora, but his own hunger. Midora berated Ichiryu and accepted that he is indeed a slave to his own appetite. Midora finally lashes out his Gourmet Cells in order to end the battle between him and Ichiryu. Ichiryu recovers in haste from the injuries Midora's technique had caused however Midora easily destroyed mass amounts of the recovered flesh at high speed. Ichiryu, desperate to end his brother, unleashes All-Meal King-Eating Chopsticks only for Midora to dodge it; Midora admits he wished to feel the full force of the attack by getting hit and even admitted jealousy over his older brother. Midora then expresses his own disappointment at his brother's strength; stating that it had been reduced due to aging; and then disappears into darkness. Ichiryu scouts the area but to no avail, Midora snuck behind his brother and dealt a deadly blow, caushing a hole in Ichiryu's body. As his brother falls, Midora sheds tears, this reminded Ichiryu of their past battle, of how Midora had also shed tears during their fight. Ichiryu laments as he speaks his mind; he knew Midora was never in hunger, he was actually searching for a loving family but it became an expression of endless hunger. As Ichiryu laid dying on the floor, Midora states that Meteor Spice will fall upon the Human World. Ichiryu states that he had indeed wished for the three brothers to rejoin for one final feast, shedding tears, before Midora struck the final blow. He then unleashes his Gourmet Cells and performs Meteor Spice in anger and sadness as he reminisced about his mother's words to him.

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