Chapter Info
Volume: 29
Gourmet: 255
Japanese Title: 目覚め!!
Story Arc: Cooking Festival Arc
Romanized Title: Mezame!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: October 28, 2013
WSJ Issue: Issue 48-2013
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Short SummaryEdit

Midora spares Ichiryu's life as both talk about the real enemy, while the good guys counteract the Meteor Spice and Toriko awakens recovered.

Long SummaryEdit

After the heated battle between the brothers ends, Ichiryu asked why has Midora spared him, his Midora replied that Ichiryu's Minority World was still active, using it as an excuse, to which Ichiryu flat out called Midora on his lie, Midora then gave Ichiryu another reason for being spared: He was past his due date (stating that he was not worth the kill as he has become too old). As Ichiryu laid on the floor, unable to move from his injuries, Midora gives the him time to recover, Ichiryu then ensures Midora that the Human World is safe and that he had prepared for the event. He then states that his Full Course Menu can be prepared and that there is indeed a chef who can cook it. Ichiryu then reveals to Midora some information about the the true enemy (NEO). Meanwhile, Meteor Spice is raining down on human world. Setsuno and Jiro counter the spice as Mansam and Rin (along some beasts) save a town from destruction. Likewise, Toriko awakens recovered with new limbs.

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