The True Enemy!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 29
Gourmet: 256
Japanese Title: 本当の敵!!
Story Arc: Cooking Festival Arc
Romanized Title: Hontō no Teki!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: November 4, 2013
WSJ Issue: Issue 49-2013
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The Eight Kings react to Toriko's awakening, while some 0th Biotope members and Ichiryu are ultimately defeated by Nitro as the latter reveals the truth about Acacia.

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Toriko awakens with his gourmet cells perplexed. Meanwhile, the Eight Kings sense his presence. They feel that his power could "one day" threaten their position as the warlords that maintain the balance of the gourmet world. Toriko is saddened by the fact that he couldn't save Komatsu. He lays on the ground as meteor spice rains on the area's surrounding him. Elsewhere, at the Gourmet World Yosaku fights Kaitora. After Kaitora complements Yosaku on his pwoer the latter questions about the location of the man who revived the 4 beast Mohyan Shaishai. Kaitora says he is "in the same organization as us" meaning the NEO. Yosaku is shocked to hear that Ichiryu was defeated but is distracted by Kaitora's Saying the location of Acacia's full course would lead to the Ends of the Earth. Likewise, Kaitora also states that Teppei joined the NEO. Before Yosaku can react he is stabbed in the back by Blue Nitro. The same happens to Love, Rap and Guemon as they are all stabbed by Blue Nitro. Clueless about the events Midora and Ichiryu converse about the "true enemy" (NEO). Ichiryu states that the reason why he has so little personel in the 0th Biotope is because he is afraid "bugs" may infiltrate but it looks like some did get in. He also informs Midora that "bugs" are already infested in the Bishokukai. He then talks about how a chef is absolutely necessary to enter the Ends of the Earth and how Bishokukin Acacia hadn't accounted for Froese's death but before he can state his reasoning a Blue Nitro stomps on Ichiryu leaving in a extremely wounded state.

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