March of Evil!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 29
Gourmet: 258
Japanese Title: 悪の行軍
Story Arc: Cooking Festival Arc
Romanized Title: Aku no Kōgun
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: November 25, 2013
WSJ Issue: Issue 52-2013
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Short SummaryEdit

Many Bishokukai top members are revealed to be part of NEO as the organization mobilizes for its purposes, and a surviving Coco arrives to divulge shocking new facts.

Long SummaryEdit

Terry stares at the saddened Toriko, unable to comfort him as the scene shifts to the bishokuya who clutches his fist. Elsewhere, Setsuno gathers the surviving chefs at a mountain of frozen food. She explains that Nono froze ingredients in case of a disaster, however, Brunch appears stating that he will return to his home in order to get food supplies for the Human World. Concurrently, Starjun (along with kidnapped Komatsu) and Grinpatch arrive at the Gourmet World headquarters of their organization, just to get shocked to find the base burned up, which makes Starjun instruct to Grin to put out the flames. Meanwhile, the true enemy gathers at their base of operations to leave to the Ends of the Earth.

Cover PageEdit

To celebrate the release of the 27th volume of the manga and the conclusion of the Human World Arc, this chapter has a color page of Toriko, dressed in red garment with zigzag patterns and an orange scarf, with red leaves falling about. A poem accompanies the page. It reads: "A Winter of falling red leaves visits the fruitful Gourmet Age. But even so, people walk forward towards a spring where hope blooms."

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