Coco's Hypothesis
Chapter Info
Volume: TBA
Gourmet: 259
Japanese Title: ココの仮説
Story Arc: Cooking Festival Arc
Romanized Title: Coco no Kasetsu
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: December 2, 2013
WSJ Issue: Issue 01-2014
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Coco reveals astounding facts about a place he discovered deep underground while fighting Grinparch. Meanwhile, Knocking Geezer Jiro approaches to talk with Toriko.

Long SummaryEdit

As Coco preceeds to reveal facts about various things, Zebra and Sunny question about his whereabouts after the Cooking Fest. They also question about the "important thing" he was to reveal. Coco calms them down stating he will disclose them soon. Sunny then questions about his hair color in which he replies is because of poison overuse to the point that his GOurmet Cells showed themself and that he was about to die. This shocks the Heavenly King as he "knows the feeling". Coco then continues to narrate the outcome of his fight with Grinpatch. Coco, desperate, as his Poison Virus has no affect on the adamant sous chef used his Devil Poison in attempt to finish off the Bishokukai. Grinpatch then went wild with his Breath Bazooka and dug thousands of meters down, even deeper than Heavy Hole. Coco then sensed extremely strong electromagnetic waves but before he could react to the scenario, his Intimidation Spirit appeared stating there was "good taste", "life force is deliciousness", and that Coco is not qualified to enter this area, deserting him in the process. Coco then escapes with a piece of bedrock which he, with the help of a geologist, investigates and formulates a hypothesis. From Coco's hypothesis, it is implied that the Human World is in fact the remnants of planet that looked similar to present-day, real-world Earth which was hit by a meteorite made of a parasitic mineral that was capable of growing by absorbing its surrounding energy. The meteorite embedded itself in the core of the Earth-like planet and, over several hundred million years, grew out enveloping much of the planet's surface and drastically increasing the size of the planet. The areas covered became the Gourmet World which the original planet became the Human World. This also resulted in an explosion in the variety of creatures in the Gourmet World. All that remains of the original planet is the central area of the Human World whose continents appear to be the same ones the original planet possessed long ago, indicating that this section of the planet was pushed away from the center and forced back on to the surface of the planet likely during the planet's formation and growth. Coco then states that down there the electromagnetic waves he saw may stem from a "Food Field" that supports all life on Earth a.k.a the "Food Utopia". Zebra and Sunny relate this to the group called "NEO" and the mysterious chef "Joie". Coco justifies that they are very dangerous as their goals are unknown with the exception that they aim for GOD or even Beyond. The scene then shifts to the human world's current situation as Zebra comments that humans are animals and in the wild and that fighting and stealing are natural behaviors. Coco states the reason he called Sunny and Zebra to his house was to request that they headed to the First Biotope to gather the Main Dish of Ichiryu's Full Course. He continues to state that while it's rather bad-tasting an "infinite" ingredient will be born once the President's Full Course is assembled. The three kings then discuss Toriko's current depression and Zebra questions Coco as to why he sent Komatsu to Toriko knowing that Toriko would lose. Coco retorts that while in hindsight it seems to have been a bad idea in the moment it was what was best in order to protect both Komatsu and Toriko and that his instructions have kept them both alive. Meanwhile, Rin, worried, looks in on Toriko when "Knocking Geezer" Jiro approaches to talk with Toriko.

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