Toriko's Dream!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 29
Gourmet: 260
Japanese Title: トリコの夢!!
Story Arc: Cooking Festival Arc
Romanized Title: Toriko no Yume!!
Total Pages: 17
Year Released: December 9, 2013
WSJ Issue: Issue 02-2014
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Jiro tries to cheer up Toriko as the latter thinks about his future, meanwhile the kidnapped Komatsu wakes up at the headquarters of the enemy just to meet an old partner.

Long SummaryEdit

Jiro sits near the distressed Toriko and offers him a cup of Maboro Sake, but he implies that he has no appetite to drink at the moment. The Knocking Master then remembers Rin's words about that Toriko hasn't eaten for days, which makes him think that Toriko's energy is incomparable to how he was before. However, when Jiro states the sake was Ichiryu's favorite, Toriko accepts the offer. The two men then drink together under a starry sky. Jiro comments on the sake being cheap and not too strong either. Toriko then asks why he brought such a liquor specifically right now, making Jiro reveal the shocking truth about Ichiryu's demise in his fatal battle with the Bishokukai Boss Midora. He then continues to say the President was a gentle but strong individual who purposely let others win in battles. Ichiryu was a kind and caring person even to his enemies.

Toriko is bewildered with the news of the death of his adoptive father, then he walks away from the Knocking Geezer with a saddened face. Toriko states that Ichiryu had never let him win a battle to which Jiro responds that the President had sensed the Heavenly King's potential and wanted him to get stronger. Toriko interrupts Jiro stating that he is weak and that can't protect and single chef. The latter questions about Toriko's dream as a bishokuya, but with no response to hear from the young bishokuya. Jiro then encourages Toriko by stating that despite Ichiryu is gone forever, Komatsu is still alive and that there is a bright future in front of them. He concludes by saying "Jump off and flap your wings to the infinite, dazzling future stretching out in front of you.". Meanwhile, at the Bishokukai Headquarters of Gourmet World, Starjun is still shocked to know what happened at the base of operations, making him wonder whether or not it was NEO's doing. The scene then shifts to another room where Komatsu lies on the floor. As he awakens, his former partner Ootake welcomes him to the Bishokukai.

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