Now, to Gourmet World!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 30
Gourmet: 264
Japanese Title: いざグルメ界へ!!
Story Arc: Billion Bird Arc
Romanized Title: Iza Gurume-kai e!!
Viz Title: To the Gourmet World!!
Total Pages: 24
Year Released: February 3, 2014
WSJ Issue: Issue 10-2014
Chapter Chronology
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After a year and a half, Toriko and Komatsu have been stationed in Gourmet World enjoying its pleasures, but now they head to the Human World.

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Cover PageEdit

A bit older Toriko, Komatsu, Coco, Sunny, Zebra and Rin make a smiling pose wearing new outfits under the shine of the sun.

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