Reason For Anger
Chapter Info
Volume: 4
Gourmet: 27
Japanese Title: 怒りの理由!!
Story Arc: Regal Mammoth Arc
Romanized Title: Ikari no Riyuu!!
Viz Title: Source of Anger!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: November 24, 2008
WSJ Issue: 52-2008
Episodes: Episode 9
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Short SummaryEdit

Toriko defeats the GT Robot with his 5 hit punch, fork and knife. Its then also explained about the system of the GT Robo and how it works.

Long SummaryEdit

The scene opens with Toriko and GT Robo conversation of killing each other. Toriko remarks that the opearator has a vulgar style. Komatsu thinks that Toriko is really angry and he is serious than the situation he fought many beasts with high capture level. Mansam says to Komatsu against an animal (beasts) or opponent he would not be angry because in wild it can be eat or be eaten. Toriko punches the GT Robo with full power but notices not a scratch on it. He finds out with his smell ability that GT Robo he is fighting is of Titanium alloy and carbon fiber, which is not possible to harm it at any cost . GT Robo uses a peeler shot on Toriko harming his left shoulder. GT Robo says that he would shave his whole body taking out his intestines from him. Toriko tends tp attack him from his Fork and knife technique assuming that there must be some place without being covered by Titatnium alloy and Carbon fiber, but his technique did not take any effect on GT Robo's body. Toriko claims himself that even his joints are hard. Komatsu worries about Toriko's injuries. Toriko hits the GT Robo with his 5 Hit punch and it seems to have worked on GT Robo which went flying far away from his punch. The reason Toriko was able to hit GT Robo was because it was covered with hair or fur making it cover some uncovered Titanium alloy and with concentrated nail punch. Toriko's nail punch has a scattered type and concentrated type. In concentrated nail punch he needs to concentrate more on his gathering strength, which burdens his arm though it has an narrow limit than scattered punch. Toriko's right arm has become numb because of continoous usage of his punch three times. He starts to use left hand on GT Robo with setting Fork and knife aim at the particular point. He is again attacked by GT Robo but he remarks that he is only useless utensils. He says to the operator that he can only operate his voice not the skill. GT Robo being angered by Toriko's action opens his front side of his face to shoot an laser beam. Toriko quicky comes and hits on his face that is ready to shoot him.


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