How to Cook Air!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 32
Gourmet: 288
Japanese Title: エアの調理法!!
Story Arc: AIR Arc
Romanized Title: Ea no Chōri-Hō!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: August 11, 2014
WSJ Issue: Issue 37-38 2014
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While the other Heavenly Kings reach the Giant Air Tree to aid Komatsu on AIR's cooking, Heracles inhales all the air around him, making Toriko's blue Appetite Devil return to his body and leaving the young bishokuya undefended for the Horse King's incoming attack.

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Cover PageEdit

Komatsu, Mappy, Nosh, Dinner, Sunny, Coco, Brunch and Zebra stand together wearing a Monster Feather Cape (except for Zebra) with a decided expression, with the words "Enchant! A collaboration between Human World and Hex Food World".

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