Chapter Info
Volume: 4
Gourmet: 29
Japanese Title: 食事!!
Story Arc: Regal Mammoth Arc
Romanized Title: Shokuji!!
Viz Title: Dinnertime!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: December 8, 2008
WSJ Issue: Issue 02-2009
Episodes: Episode 9
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Short SummaryEdit

Mansam arranges Toriko a meal. He recognizes that he forgot about Regal Mammoth.The information given by rin says that Sani captured it.

Long SummaryEdit

The chapter opens up in the chief's room. Mansam asks Toriko to eat to his heart's content. The dishes contained different beasts and the whole room was filled with them. Komatsu saw the Bachuus Dragon, a super high class ingredient on a big plate. Toriko mentions that the beast has high quantity of alcohol that gives impression of a mellow brandy and he remarks that it is the chief's main dish. Mansam displays his Menu to everyone, and most of them contained sake. Komatsu remarks that he hates sake.

Toriko remarks himself that Terry should have been with other wolves in a swarn. He says terry found himself trouble. He calls Terry to eat along with him. Rin, seeing the scene, asks Rikky to share some food with her. Komatsu started eating with interest. By the time he started asking Toriko how the food tasted, Toriko had already finished a lot of dishes. Komatsu was surprised to see Toriko's wounds already healed that much after starting to eat.

Toriko then remembers about the work the chief wanted him for. Mansam then remembered and was shocked as he forgot everything about the work. He discovers that the reason the GT Robot came in the first place was to distract them. Rin reassures them that Sani is on his way back having captured the Regal Mammoth. The scene shifts to Sixth branch of the Bishokukai Castle showing Bei, the GT Robot's operator, expressing his anger after losing to Toriko. Joejoe then comes and stops him from leaving to pick a fight with Toriko mentioning that they will have the Regal Mammoth in their hands first. The next scene shows Sunny walking on his way to the chief carrying the Regal Mammoth on a single hand.


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