Rainbow Fruit!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Gourmet: 3
Japanese Title: 虹の実!!
Story Arc: Rainbow Fruit Arc
Romanized Title: Niji no Mi!!
Viz Title: Rainbow Fruit!!
Total Pages: 21
Year Released: June 2, 2008
WSJ Issue: Issue 27-2008
Episodes: Episode 3
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Cover PageEdit

Toriko, enjoying a small drink after eating through what looks like the food for a hundred people. He is seen wearing an white suit and white pants with black shirt tucked inside.

Short SummaryEdit

Toriko is requested to retrieve the Rainbow Fruit from IGO's Biotope 8.

Long SummaryEdit

The chapter starts with Toriko sleeping in his Sweets House. After being awakened by a chocolate-eating cicada, he goes out, eating everything in his reach, including part of the door. He then jumps off a cliff and captures a Sharkenodon and goes to sell it to the World Kitchen.

The scene then shifts to the various places selling ingredients and then to Komatsu and Johannes. The two then meet Toriko and Johannes reveals that the Fruit of Rainbow are ripe, but a group of Troll Kongs made their nest next to it. He then requests Toriko to go retrieve it. Toriko accepts, and says he will be back to the nostalgic Garden. It then shows the inmense group of Troll Kongs, all grouped around the Rainbow Fruit plant.

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