Chapter Info
Volume: 4
Gourmet: 30
Japanese Title: サニー!!
Story Arc: Regal Mammoth Arc
Romanized Title: Sanī!!
Viz Title: Sunny!!
Total Pages: 17
Year Released: December 15, 2008
WSJ Issue: Issue 03-2009
Episodes: Episode 10
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Sunny brings back the Regal Mammoth, but it is only a child. The protagonists start the real hunt now. Meanwhile the GT Robos from the Gourmet Corp. are already exploring the Biotope.

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Toriko is eating Druken Beef, a meat which makes anyone who eats it "drunk on the taste." Komatsu asks Toriko why he would carry the food all the way outside, but Mansam interrupts by biting into Toriko's beef and fighting for it. Rin informs them that she is able to see Sunny. He appears carrying the Regal Mammoth using a single hand. Komastu, as usual, is surprised to see Sunny carrying an enormous beast so easily.

Suddenly, a bunch of Gang Hoods appear to steal the prey. Komatsu warns the others about them, but Toriko tells him not to worry. The Gang Hoods then start falling on the ground, having been Knocked. Komatsu is surprised that Sunny was able to perform Knocking without even touching the beasts. Sunny then throws the Regal Mammoth towards Mansam to catch and remarks that the Chief's strength has not weakened a bit but his way of catching lacks any sexiness or beauty. Sunny greets Toriko and starts complementing his cells and skin, while Toriko looks a bit disturbed, telling Sunny to stop touching his skin. Rin warns Sunny to stop touching Toriko but he ignores that and starts complaining about all the fat under her skin. Komatsu is bewildered and points out that Sani has not touched anyone. Toriko explains that all of them are being touched by his sensor. Mansam then points out that there is an exception, Terry Cloth. Sunny is impressed and wonders if it is on their side. Mansam interrupts saying that they need to get the Regal Mammoth. Sunny seems confused and points out that he already captured one. Mansam then explains: it is a child and the adult is still somewhere. Everyone is surprised, and begins to wonder just how big the adult is.

The Gourmet Corp.'s GT Robos have already arrived on the island and are looking for the Regal Mammoth. The protagonists also start their hunt.

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