1st Round Battle!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 37
Gourmet: 333
Japanese Title: 1回戦!!
Story Arc: ANOTHER Arc
Romanized Title: 1-Kaisen!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: August 3, 2015
WSJ Issue: Issue 36-2015
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The Ten-Shell Five face off against the five Human World chefs. Asarudy has a vision of losing to the Human World chefs and being consumed by the Soul Furnace. A Casket Crab appears and reveals the ingredient to be the extinct Leafish. Condor Window and Yuda step forward and are able to capture the Leafish.

Long SummaryEdit

Coming face-to-face with the Human World chefs in Grill Stadium, Condor Window asks Asarudy if the chef he is looking for is over there. Asarudy says no and Condor asks if that means the five Human World chefs are trash. Asarudy has a vision of himself being pulled in by Food Spirits with the Human World chefs looking down on him. Maymay asks what Asarudy saw, explaining that patterns exist in all stories and that since Asarudy reads 10,000 books each year, he should be able to predict the outcome. Condor wants to take on all five at once but Asarudy cautions that this is not fiction and that they should take this seriously or they may be the ones who end up in the Soul Furnace. Condor says that such a story is garbage.

A Casket Crab drops onto the stage. In anticipation of the unknown extinct ingredient, Picnic Bomber wonders if Don Slime got permission from the Food Spirit World and Kakino Kish points out that despite what ingredient it is, the Ten-Shell Five will be the winners because they can hear the voices of Food Spirits.

Two claws come down from the stadium's ceiling and lift the stage, revealing a stovetop, and the Soul Furnace is turned on. The announcer explains that the Soul Furnace is powered not by gas or electricity but the appetite of Food Spirits. The Casket Crab creates a large bubble and releases two fish into the bubble. The ST10 discuss the ingredient and one points out that the fish are Leafish, a species that went extinct 15,000 years ago and lived in Area 5's Multi-Gravity Valley. It is a super special preparation ingredient and is not only difficult to cook but also to catch.

The Human World chefs discuss the large bubble. Yuda volunteers to take the challenge and asks Melk the Second for his kitchen knife, Bannou Yakutou. Condor begins drooling, to the disgust of Kakino and Maymay, and leaps straight into the bubble. He is immediately surprised by the bubble's immense gravity and its warping effects. Don Slime explains that the Soul World doesn't have gravity and that anyone planning to cook in such a space needs to adapt quickly. Condor points out that his experience in the Back should give him an advantage. He creates a Warp Kitchen, capturing an attacking Leafish, and quickly Knocks it. The announcer praises the young genius chef, although Condor points out that he isn't so young. Yuda replies that he is 124 years old and that he hasn't faced off against older than him since Setsuno, Zaus, and Chiyo. Condor is surprised to find Zaus has also completed Knocking a Leafish. The other Human World chefs praise Yuda but the other Ten-Shell Five look on silently. The announcer, also surprised by Yuda's successful Knocking, is handed a sheet of information on Yuda. Condor points out that Yuda's 124 years make him a brat in comparison to Condor's own over 3,000 years, but Yuda cautions that even a one millimeter lapse in memory could see him losing to a 'brat.' Condor responds that Yuda had better make his cooking have impact or the forgetful Food Spirit wouldn't remember him.

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