Joie vs Midora!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 37
Gourmet: 338
Japanese Title: ジョアVS三虎!!
Story Arc: ANOTHER Arc
Romanized Title: Joa Bāsasu Midora!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: September 14, 2015
WSJ Issue: Issue 42-2015
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Chichi recognizes the escaped piece of Neo, Acacia's Gourmet Demon. It snaps at Jiro, who dodges, losing only his vest, and complains about a pain in his back. He applies Knocking but it doesn't hold. He notices the creature's raging energy and compares it to the Eight Kings, and the creatures notices the threat of Jiro and transforms, developing multiple tentacles. Jiro increases the muscle mass and size of his arms and chest, concentrates and condenses the muscle in his right arm, turning it black, in preparation for his Big Bang attack. Setsuno cautions Jiro about hitting the world with that attack.

For one hundredth of a second, Midora is caught off guard by Joie's appearance. Joie attacks within that moment of hesitation and compares the situation to an ancient Gourmet Ingredient, which would have a one hundredth of a second opening once every one million years. He explains that such a brief opening is the abilities of humans or IGO. He questions if Midora has seen his face before and boasts that Midora's hesitation was a fatal mistake, but it is revealed that Joie's attack didn't hit Midora. In fact, Midora took Joie's numerous openings during the attack and hit Joie with an attack strong enough to shatter eight large-sized Life Orbs. Midora assumes that the balls take the damage directly, but Joie corrects him, saying that Food Spirits within the balls are substituted for the injured party. Joie's Gourmet Demon demands that Joie handle Midora before he can cause problems.

Midora asks if Forese was reborn as Joie, who answers that he was revived by Acacia's Full Course and CENTER. Midora wonders why CENTER, or Cure Water, didn't revive Froese but instead Joie in Froese's body. Joie explains that Froese refused to be revived, feared Acacia's Gourmet Demon, and didn't approve of Acacia's goal, and that Acacia drew forth Joie's soul instead. Midora asks where Acacia is, but Joie explains that Acacia's goal is simply "to eat." The memories of Gourmet Cells, as Joie explains, stem from their desire to attain new tastes and to find where they can be fully awakened. The Gourmet Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago, Joie continues, was the Birth of Appetite and created Gourmet Energy, from which formed Gourmet Cells. As Joie's Gourmet Demon takes over explaining, it raves that Appetite Energy is expanding into a force which cannot be stopped and that emotions in comparison are a useless human product, and it complains about "that stupid woman" who dared to stand in Acacia's way. Joie reprimands his Gourmet Demon for its comments on Froese, and Midora questions if it's indeed referring to Froese as "that stupid woman." Joie compares his Gourmet Demon to Midora since they are both so driven by Appetite, and suggests that they work together to awaken their Gourmet Cells, as Froese would have wished. Midora cautions that while he's not getting sentimental, they have for a long time been stepping on a tiger's tail.

Joie summons Tokage and Midora begins Meteor Spice, while JoeJoe, Zaus, Kousairou, Mohyan, Alfaro, and Teppei watch in awe.

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