Midora vs Joie!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 37
Gourmet: 339
Japanese Title: 三虎vsジョア!!
Story Arc: ANOTHER Arc
Romanized Title: Midora Bāsasu Joa!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: September 19, 2015
WSJ Issue: Issue 43-2015
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Joie and Midora move to Area 2 and continue their fight. Jiro, Chichi, and Setsuno resolve to confront the Gourmet Nobility.

Long SummaryEdit

Midora fires off Meteor Spice within NEO's Ark. The attack frees Zaus from the effects of Joie's Taste Change. Teppei rescues Zaus and asks him where Joie's Golden Cookware is.

Joie with Tokage dodges Midora's direct attack, which does massive damage to NEO's Ark and Headquarters. Tokage appears at Midora's feet and Joie drags him into the creature and, to protect the base from further damage, moves them to the Landsea Forest in Area 2. Midora points out the futility of such a move and Joie agrees that with the power Midora demonstrated in devastating the Human World, it'd be possible for Midora to destroy the planet, not unlike the other two disciples of Acacia. However, of the three only Midora, the weakest, as Joie points out, would do such a thing.

Joie creates a Warp Kitchen around himself and Midora and explains the properties of the space-time. Midora is surprised when Joie pulls out Cinderella, Froese's kitchen knife. Joie continues to explain about the use of Warp Kitchen's time dilation, particularly in preparing parts of Acacia's Full Course, reducing the vast amount of time spent cooking them. As Joie's Appetite Demon points out, compared to the time spent cooking the planet, Midora's life is short and meaningless and his anger is a mere annoyance, not worth wasting time on. Midora threatens that despite how fleeting his anger may seem, it'll carve into the cells a fear which will never fade. Midora offers to reveal his Full Course Menu and Joie accepts.

The escaped piece of Neo is seen floating in space. Jiro laments over the creature having bit off his right hand when he punched it with Big Bang. Setsuno heals his hand with Cure Water, and Chichi explains that the creature is a part of the revived Neo, Acacia's Appetite Demon. Jiro and Chichi are concerned about the state of Acacia's revival, and while he can't be sure, Chichi fears Acacia has been returned and is on the hunt, despite how far off the Gourmet Solar Eclipse still is. Acacia is shown devouring AIR.

In preparation for facing Acacia, Jiro plans to undo the Knocking still sealing his strength and Chichi plans to enhance himself chemically. Should Acacia be fully revived, as Chichi fears, not even the combined strength of the Blue Nitro could stand a chance against him, as the only one who could possibly stop him is Don Slime, Ichiryu's former Appetite Demon.

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  • In Volume 37, this chapter was renamed "Possibility of Resurrection!!" (復活の可能性!! Fukkatsu no Kanōsei!!)

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