Komatsu and Sunny!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 4
Gourmet: 34
Japanese Title: 小松とサニー!!
Story Arc: Regal Mammoth Arc
Romanized Title: Komatsu to Sanī!!
Viz Title: Komatsu & Sunny!!
Total Pages: 17
Year Released: January 26, 2009
WSJ Issue: Issue 09-2009
Episodes: Episode 11
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Short SummaryEdit

Sunny and Komatsu seperates themselves. While they become friends.

Long SummaryEdit

The chapter opens in den of evil beasts in Regal Plateau. The GT Robo attacks the beasts residing on the plateau. The GT Robo destroys the whole plateau. On the other side a GT Robo is seen laying down with a lot of damage on it. The Regal Mammoth starts it's move. Meanwhile Komatsu shows the Shoyu GrassHopper he had found and Sunny remarks it disgusting. Komatsu says that it will taste beautiful if he adds matsutake mushroom. Toriko asks Sunny if he can help him taking the meat, but Sunny refuses his offer. Rock Drum attacks with it 's punch. The team seperates flying in different paths. Sunny is annoyed to get flew along with Komatsu. He cooks cream mushrooms, while he uses his knife and Sunny praises a little for the impressive knife. Sunny says that he could capture adult Shoyu GrassHopper instead of young one. Komatsu says it is impossible for him to do capture level 5 adult one. He picks the eye out and spreads ver mushroom. Sunny brings adult Shoyu GrassHopper and says to Komatsu his skills are pretty impressive even if his things at first are disgusting. They start eating the mushrooms with an joy. The chapter ends with Komatsu and Sunny becoming friends. They set to search Toriko and other who are lost.

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