The Blue Nitro's Goal!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 37
Gourmet: 340
Japanese Title: ブルーニトロの目的!!
Story Arc: ANOTHER Arc
Romanized Title: Burūnitoro no Mokuteki!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: September 28, 2015
WSJ Issue: Issue 44-2015
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After killing and eating the Nitro AIR, Neo creates seven monsters and sends them after the other parts of Acacia's Full Course, and Acacia escapes into the Back Channel. Jiro confronts the Gourmet Nobility and removes the Knocking done on him by Acacia.

Long SummaryEdit

At the Farthest Kitchen, Acacia consumes AIR of the Gourmet Nobility and continues demanding screams to increase the flavor. ATOM steps forward and points out that AIR was gone and had exhausted himself from cooking. NEWS marvels at Acacia's strength and warns that Neo might not be complete but its influence is strong.

ATOM opens his mouth so wide the tips touch behind his head, creating a sort of face guard with a set of eyes peering out of his mouth, and produces a number of spikes from his back, arms, and shoulders. He commands Acacia to reveal Neo's face and then attempts to calm the Appetite Demon, but Neo instead creates seven Gourmet Cell Monsters and sends one to each of the other Areas of the Gourmet World. With the Gourmet Nobility distracted by the escaped monsters, Acacia retreats into the Back Channel, and while ATOM wants to follow him, ANOTHER suggests letting him go as completing Neo's revival is more important.

Jiro interrupts their conversation and is surprised when they recognize him. ANOTHER prepares to attack but Jiro warns that fight between them might destroy the world early. Jiro confirms that Chichi's prediction was correct: Neo is active. He asks to see Acacia but ATOM informs him that Acacia is no longer sane. ANOTHER suggests waiting a few more days for the Gourmet Solar Eclipse and having Acacia eat GOD to complete Neo's revival. NEWS points out that despite how close they are to fulfilling their goal, Acacia might devour the planet before then.

Jiro asks them what their goal is, what is worth enduring the death of one of their own, what they are planning to do with Acacia and Neo. The Blue Nitro responds, "Kill it." They plan to eliminate Neo completely by sealing it within a Golden Can, but to do so they need Neo to be completely revived. Further complicating matters, the Full Course ingredients' reviving effects on Neo are unpredictable, unlike with normal Gourmet Cell Demons. Jiro questions that they would spend so much time to revive Neo, just to kill it, and NEWS points out that humans don't understand how dangerous Neo is. Acacia and the Gourmet Nobility may have different reasons for it but they share the same goal: revival.

The Gourmet Nobility threaten Jiro that if he gets in their way of killing Acacia and sealing Neo, they will kill him. However, he offers to do it himself as he can't simply stand by and watch Acacia devour the planet. ATOM warns that they can't allow Neo to be defeated before it eats GOD, and Jiro warns them not to get in his way. ATOM once again tries to warn Jiro, who stops the Nitro and reaches into his own chest as he questions with what characters ATOM is spelling his name. Confused ATOM tries again to warn Jiro but is interrupted by Jiro removing a large Knocking needle from his heart. Jiro's physical appearance changes dramatically and he declares that his name is Jirō (ニ狼 Second Wolf) who was once known as the "Rampaging Beast" and who used to eat lizards long ago.

In Area 7, several monkeys are seen feasting when one of Neo's Gourmet Cell Monsters crash lands. Smiling Bambina turns his head.

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