Toriko, Switch On!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 38
Gourmet: 342
Japanese Title: トリコ、スイッチオン!!
Story Arc: ANOTHER Arc
Romanized Title: Toriko, Suitchion!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: October 10, 2015
WSJ Issue: Issue 46-2015
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Toriko senses the emergence of Acacia's Full Course and faces off against the real Wolf King, Guinness. Komatsu calls and has finished cooking ANOTHER.

Long SummaryEdit

Two years prior in the Gourmet World, a pack of eating Rock Mimics were scared off by Toriko's presence. So focused in tracking Komatsu, Toriko had increased his sense of smell to the limit and had been unwittingly releasing his strongest aura. During his time in the Gourmet World with Komatsu, his sense of smell took in information from across the world, so much so that he had to plug his nose to sleep, and his protective instinct helped him avoid dangerous areas.

Midora spoke to Starjun about his encounter with Toriko. He praised Toriko's drive and wondered how aware of it Toriko was, but Starjun dismissed it for lip-service. However, in the present time, Starjun realizes that it wasn't just flattery, it was true.

Toriko begins smelling all of Acacia's Full Course and mentions that the Gourmet Eclipse and appearance of GOD are near. He states that Area 2 has a diverse collection of environments and that despite how normal it looks, it gives off the most intense smell. He asks if that is why the Battle Wolf is on the island. The Battle Wolf is certain that Toriko was the sensation that the Eight Kings felt two years earlier. Toriko points out that this Battle Wolf is only the Wolf King's second. Guinness steps forward to face Toriko. The two approach each other like two natural disasters, neither with malice. Toriko punches Guinness with his demon's arm and asks for the Battle Wolf to go all-out in their fight for GOD.

At that moment, Komatsu calls. He is with the Human World group, the Ten-Shell Five, and Don Slime atop the surfaced Magneticlam, and they have finished cooking ANOTHER. Don Slime labels himself a natural disaster but one with malice.

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