The Direct Attack Don!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 38
Gourmet: 343
Japanese Title: 直撃のドン!!
Story Arc: ANOTHER Arc
Romanized Title: Chokugeki no Don!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: October 19, 2015
WSJ Issue: Issue 47-2015
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Don Slime attacks Neo.

Three weeks prior, Pukin studied Rest Rooms, Moon began moving and consuming food, Food Spirits and Gourmet Cell Demons swarmed into Blue Grill, and Don Slime ended the cooking battle and planned to have the chefs finish Acacia's Full Course and the revival of Ichiryu.

Long SummaryEdit

Don Slime names himself a natural disaster with malice and mentions his massive appetite before jumping into the ocean. There he leaps up into space and lands on a satellite, which he pushes off of back to Earth, breaking the satellite apart. His target is Neo-possessed Acacia, who is shoveling food into his mouth. Don Slime clashes with them, creating a massive explosion.

Toriko is seen still talking to Komatsu and is confused about what Komatsu is talking.

Three weeks prior, when only one hour had passed after the Four Heavenly Kings had split from Area 6, two days had passed in Blue Grill. While the Human World chefs explored Blue Grill, Pukin stayed in the Magneticlam and studied Yun and Rest Rooms. She noticed that Rest Rooms seem to stop the appetite of Gourmet Cells, likening it to carnivores' disinterest in trees and fruits, and that they are a different space-time and are possibly related to the Back World. She had noticed the change in time flow when they had entered Blue Grill.

Her studies were interrupted by a quake, which was caused by Moon sucking in countless fish. At Grill Stadium, Don Slime was informed that a host of Food Spirits were at Soul Hill and that Moon was on the move. Realizing this meant food was being discharged from White Hole and wondering what was happening on the surface, Don Slime called an end to the 5th match, Chiru vs. Asarudy. At Soul Hill, Blue Grill's chefs couldn't stop the advancing host of Food Spirits and Gourmet Cell Monsters. This angered Don Slime and he declared that the Human World chefs were worthy and that they were all going to the Kitchen of Eternity, to complete the cooking of Acacia's Full Course and revival of Ichiryu.

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