To the Regal Plateau!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 5
Gourmet: 35
Japanese Title: リーガル高原へ!!
Story Arc: Regal Mammoth Arc
Romanized Title: Rīgaru Kōgen e!!
Viz Title: The Regal Plateau!!
Total Pages: 20
Year Released: February 2, 2009
WSJ Issue: Issue 10-2009
Episodes: Episode 11
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Short SummaryEdit

Toriko and Rin get seprated from the others. He is then forced to battle his way through some challenging beasts.

Long SummaryEdit

A man arrives with a green turban. Toriko and Rin flew away 500 km from Black Carpet named "White Forest". Mammal beasts of capture level 19 attack Toriko but being thrown away by Toriko. Biguma of capture level 14 attacks but Rin spreads flavour. Barag suddenly attacks Rin from back, though Toriko kicks the beasts. Toriko says to escape as fast as they can. He thinks about Komatsu & Sunny. A large group of beasts attack, and Toriko says to Rin to make her flavour more dense such that he loses reason to fight. Rin uses battle fragrance. Toriko set out his intimidation. He ranges his inner wildness. He becomes a huge monster that scares away every beasts. Though they notice one animal being remained after using intimidation. They notice it as Obsauraus. Toriko says that he is from GT Robo's order, though it would choose that one as the owner who is stronger than it. Toriko ends the chapter saying he would defeat him.

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