The Lurking Demons Are...!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 40
Gourmet: 361
Japanese Title: 潜む悪魔は!!
Story Arc: ANOTHER Arc
Romanized Title: Hisomu Akuma wa!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: March 7, 2016
WSJ Issue: Issue 14-2016
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The Four Heavenly Kings eat ANOTHER, NEWS, EARTH, and ATOM. Jiji recounts the exploits of their Appetite Demons. Komatsu starts to open a Golden Can.

Long SummaryEdit

Toriko eats ANOTHER. Immediately he sees everything around him as food. His tongue changes into the Ogre's and snatches rocks out of the air. Eating them, Toriko delights in their taste and then turns to Starjun, whom he sees as a pile of food. When Starjun eats the Fish Dish, he remembers being in the womb with Toriko. Taken aback, Starjun turns to Toriko, who seems oblivious to the revelation.

Zebra, whose tongue has changed, teases Komatsu and then registers why NEWS did not have a taste. Sunny, whose tongue has changed, comments on the how their view of not only taste but also their environment has changed. Coco, whose tongue has changed, wonders if the changes are really the memories of their Gourmet Cells.

Jiji recognizes that the Four Heavenly Kings each have a powerful Appetite Demon. Sunny's Demon "Hair Monster" used to eat planets and spit out its victims and use them to control the galaxy. Coco's Demon "Poison Devil" enslaved its victims with poison and used them to conquer planets. Zebra's Demon "Voice Demon" devastated planets with its voice and arm strength. Toriko's Demon "Ogre" was gentler than the others but became uncontrollable when angered and was considered the strongest in history.

They eat NEWS, EARTH, and ATOM and all, except Aimaru, change bodily into their Appetite Demons. After changing back, Komatsu pulls out a Golden Can. After they had pulled it out of Area 8's Gold Swamp, Toriko had sniffed it and decided to add it to his Full Course Menu. They had not been able to open it so Komatsu had Melk the Second make a can opener.

As Komatsu opens the can, Jiji worries about what is inside.

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