To the Completion of the Full Courses!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 40
Gourmet: 362
Japanese Title: フルコース完成へ!!
Story Arc: ANOTHER Arc
Romanized Title: Furukōsu Kansei e!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: March 14, 2016
WSJ Issue: Issue 15-2016
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It is revealed that inside the golden can is the "memories of the distant sea" Ougai. Toriko decides to add the Ougai for his fish dish. Sunny states that he completed his full course after placing EARTH as his dessert. Then, Coco states that he will add ATOM for his drink and all that leaves for him is his main dish. Toriko is surprised that Coco added the Sandoriko for his hors d'oeuvres. Zebra also states that he will put ANOTHER in his full course, leaving the main dish. He also reveals that he put BB Pill Bug as his salad. Elsewhere, Don Slime continues his fight with Neo.

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