A Certain Thought!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 40
Gourmet: 364
Japanese Title: ある考え!!
Story Arc: ANOTHER Arc
Romanized Title: Aru Kangae!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: March 28, 2016
WSJ Issue: Issue 17-2016
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Don Slime has been backed into a corner, revealing a trump card of his own: a dying star. He asks rhetorically if Neo remembers encountering them before, stating that it must remember them since it tore through them numerous times before in its eating rampage. Don explains that a regular star on the verge to its death would eradicate all life forms given within a radius of five light years. As Don says this, Neo ignores him and continuous to beg to be fed.

Don continues on by saying that the star is incredibly small but has enough force to destroy the planet completely and that it will include him as well. Neo still asks to be fed, to which Don assents. The star begins to condense greatly, making it appear even smaller than before, before its light flashes before the two's eyes. Don gives thanks to Asarudy for enabling him to do this final attack before thinking about his reunion with Ichiryu. Light covers a large portion of the Earth and then disappears.

With debris swirling around him, Don appears in his base form and slowly opens his eyes, wondering how he is still alive. To his horror, he sees that Neo ate the explosion, somehow chewing on it thoroughly. As soon as Neo swallows, Acacia's face comes to the surface. Don yells out at it, asking what exactly is this being and saying that it is impossible for something to eat a star's explosion and that there is no way that such an insatiable appetite can exist.

Don remembers his conversation with Ichiryu in the World of Souls. Don was excited to find Ichiryu, who simply looked over his shoulder. Don, enraged by the casual greeting he received, explained that he had been looking for Ichiryu, stating that he had remade Ichiryu's body using his cells and that if they could place Ichiryu's soul into it and eat Acacia's Full Course, he would be revived. Don then prompted Ichiryu to leave with him.

Ichiryu wondered what Don was going on about, saying that he had already died and there was no chance to get revived, but Don argued that he could use Acacia's Full Course. Ichiryu changed the subject, saying to look below at what appeared to be a large amount of clumped spheres, and continued to state that it appeared to grow. Even as a spirit, he could feel the appetite energy growing and that something was about to be born. Recognizing it, Don gasped but was cut off by Ichiryu's philosophical questions about the cycle of appetite and gourmet energy and their effect on evolution. Don did not follow Ichiryu's train of thought.

Ichiryu clarified that the evolution could be leading to the next generation eating around a happy table. He wondered that perhaps there was a new life form that was waiting to be born and perhaps "this" was just revealing so. Don tried to interrupt him but Ichiryu went on, acknowledging that it was something otherworldly, something that Acacia had been seeking. He began to approach it, but Don urged him that there were other things to do. They both were interrupted by the light coming from ANOTHER's completion and then began arguing about leaving.

With half of his head eaten, Don yells as Neo and demands to know from where it came. Neo continues chewing and begging for screams. Panicking, Don wonders how something could eat him with such ease and then notices the color of its cells. PAIR appears behind the frightened Appetite Demon and confirms that Neo's cells are indeed a different color. Don screams out in pain and despair, and Neo gleefully devours him.

PAIR walks away as he had only come by in case Neo needed help. Acacia asks if GOD is ready and if not, then PAIR might get eaten as well. PAIR readies something but decides that it is too early. He point out that the Gourmet Solar Eclipse has finally begun and that GOD will soon appear, and asks that Neo deal with Jiro, who is fighting the other Gourmet Nobility.

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