Yet-Unseen Ingredients!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 43
Gourmet: 396
Japanese Title: まだ見ぬ食材!!
Story Arc: GOD Arc
Romanized Title: Mada Minu Shokuzai!!
Total Pages: 21
Year Released: November 21, 2016
WSJ Issue: Issue 51-2016
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Gourmet 396 is the final chapter of the Shonen Jump manga, Toriko.

Short SummaryEdit

Toriko and Komatsu meet to dicuss many things revealed after all the battles have ended, regarding the universe, gods and demons, and then proceed to take off to a new journey, to the Outer Space.

Long SummaryEdit

The chapter opens with colored page of Toriko and his Blue and White Demon discussing things over a pile of sparkling colorful food.

Then, Komatsu is shown having a conversation with Otake. It is revealed he owns a Fairy Tale Castle, which is used as an orphanage where children can eat GOD. Happy from having his dream becoming reality, he reveals to Komatsu that with help of IGO and the Saiseiya, they are able to breed and cultivate GOD, making it possible to make enough of the godly ingredient for all.

Otake then asks Komatsu about Nakaume, and Komatsu says that he is teaching at Nakaume Cooking School. Komatsu then suddenly realizes that Toriko had called him about goint to Outer Space, and he quickly leaves.

The chapter proceeds to show Toriko fishing with what seems to be a Golden Material fishing rod, using a bait very similar to that in the very first chapter. When Komatsu shows, he says that the Sun has gone back to normal brightness. Toriko claims he figured out the secret of the Gourmet Eclipse, that it was actually a massive pot lid-like Gourmet Satellite, made by the Nitro, blocking the Sun. Toriko then, much to Komatsu's shock, reveals that there actually exist giant fry pans and pots for cooking entire planets, and even goes as far as to say the fairy tales about giant demon kings that would use those implements and eat stars might "not be just stories".

He goes on to reveal more information, talking about astronomers capturing an image of family of Gourmet Gods dining around a miniature galaxy, using Acacia's Full Course Menu.

Toriko then reveals what the Appetite Demons inside him knew, including the existence of the The Farthest Lands and Gourmet Gods, the Gourmet Big Bang and origin of Acacia's Full Course Menu, as well as the colors of the Gourmet God family that later became the five universes. They said that the Full Course would some day bring them all back together and Komatsu then theorizes that maybe Acacia's family was incarnation of these Gourmet Gods, saying that Acacia's cells were black, because of Neo, Froese's were white, based on their pureness and graciousness, Ichiryu's would be red, because of Don Slime, Jiro's would be green, based on Teppei's hair and Midora's could be blue.

Toriko then reveals the color of his White Demon to Komatsu, who pauses on thought that maybe the Full Course Menu spelling the word "PANGAEA" could point to the Farthest Land where Gourmet Gods lived, and Toriko says that the scattered energy of the Gourmet Gods is what Food Luck truly is.

Very importantly, Toriko reveals the main effect of ATOM. By, among other things, awakening the Gourmet Cells of his eyes, it gave him the ability to see Gourmet Matter, and he now sees the Outer Space as a gourmet food paradise.

Toriko's bait finally works and he hooks up a baby of Area 6's Giant Shell (or Minimum Shell, as he calls it), which has been remodeled into a space ship. The Minimum Shell can create Back Channels by travelling faster than light, and thanks to "Reverse Urashima Effect", Toriko claims to be able to hunt in Space for years while only a few days pass on Earth.

He then informs Komatsu that Terry has left him and went back to his pack. The reason for this is retirement of all of the Eight Kings, who do not consider themselves kings after losing in battle, despite being mostly healed (left for the Snake King). Gourmet World is now engulfed in battles of warlords to decide the new Eight Kings, and Terry, as well as Troll Kongs, Devil Orochi and Regal Mammoths, who apparently became much stronger, are part of this.

Regarding Zebra, Coco and possibly Sunny, they already left to the Outer Space, with the first two searching for the final meal in their Full Course Menus. Toriko and Komatsu then leave the Earth in the Minimum Shell.

The chapter then proceeds to narrate several ingredients, similarly to the timeskip, except that they are from Outer Space. Sweet dumpling stars, sorbet bubbling out of craters, star-sized mammoths that form packs of thousands, space repository of undiscovered ingredients that only Appetites may enter, and even the legendary gourmet paradise of unimaginable godly ingredients, The Farthest Land, all apparently exist somewhere in the universe. In the last two pages, the Minimum Shell is shown flying through space surrounded by numerous space ingredients. Toriko points at Mitarashi Dango Planets and wants to eat them, but Komatsu objects that they are too large. Suddenly, a Space Taipan appears and Toriko decides to fight it. Komatsu, horrified, tells him that it is dozens of times stronger than the Eight Kings, only for Toriko to join his hands and end the entire series with the words "With thanks to all of the ingredients in this universe, itadakimasu!!"

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