Nail Punch!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Gourmet: 4
Japanese Title: 釘パンチ!!
Story Arc: Rainbow Fruit Arc
Romanized Title: Kugi Panchi!!
Viz Title: Spiked Punch!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: June 9, 2008
WSJ Issue: Issue 28-2008
Episodes: Episode 3
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The chapter starts with two guards commenting on the stuffed corpse of a Troll Kong, saying that they wouldn't take on it even with a machinegun or a missile launcher. It then shifts to Toriko, who is eating Golden Salmon Roe as a reward for accepting the request. Komatsu then wonders if the Troll Kong won't eat the Rainbow Fruit before they arrive. Toriko then explains that the Troll Kongs are carnivores and they prey on the animals that want to eat the Rainbow Fruit. Johannes then explains about the Rainbow Fruit's attracting effect, saying that wanting to eat it it's almost like an reflex.

As soon as they arrive at the gates, they hear a thunder-like sound. They are then informed that there is a Troll Kong on the other side of the gate. While Komatsu and Johannes wonder what was the sound, Toriko hits his chest and explains that it was the Troll Kong drumming its chest. The guards then don't allow the group to pass, as there is a beast within 5 km of it. Toriko then uses his 3-ren Nail Punch to break a hole in the wall and at the same time intimidate the Troll Kongs. After entering through the hole, Toriko percieves the smell of reptiles and is attacked by a bunch of Zombie Taipans.

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