Sani's Anger!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 5
Gourmet: 43
Japanese Title: サニーの怒り!!
Story Arc: Regal Mammoth Arc
Romanized Title: Sanī no Ikari!!
Viz Title: Sunny's Wrath!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: March 30, 2009
WSJ Issue: Issue 18-2009
Episodes: Episode 14
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Short SummaryEdit

The Protagonists enter the mammoth's stomach. They find a GT Robo to be already in the body of the beast. Sunny confronts the robo instructing them to go find the Jewel Meat.

Long SummaryEdit

Toriko and the others enter into the Regal Mammoth's stomach. They confront GT Robo. While Coco fights with another GT Robo outside the Regal Mammoth while Terry confronts a Obsauraus. Coco tackles Peeler Shot of GT Robo by his super-vision. He uses poison rifle and changes his hand into a deadly poison sword. Toriko and the others inside Regal Mammoth confront GT Robo. Sunny takes care of the GT Robo, while Toriko, Komatsu, and Rin forward to find Jewel Meat. Toriko says that Coco and Sunny confront GT Robo so that they can fight seriously. Sunny says to GT Robo that he needs beauty in fight. He then uses his intimidation.

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