Death Omen!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 6
Gourmet: 46
Japanese Title: 死相!!
Story Arc: Regal Mammoth Arc
Romanized Title: Shisō!!
Viz Title: Death's Shadow!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: April 20, 2009
WSJ Issue: Issue 21-2009
Episodes: Episode 15
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Short SummaryEdit

Starjun explains how the why Jewel Meat is precious even to the Bishokukai. Meanwhile, Coco senses the shadow of death of someone inside the Regal Mammoth.

Long SummaryEdit

The Jewel Meat is said to have high importance and ancient people went on adventure to have it. They were using it as even wedding ring. Toriko and others are inside Regal Mammoth. Komatsu says that the meat has an good taste its delicious. Regal Mammoth plans to leave all substance inside it's body and Toriko along with others head to safe place. Toriko is seen to be in ominious tension and can't take concentration on eating the meat. Meanwhile, Sunny fights GT Robo inside Regal Mammoth. He tackles the peeler shot with his hair net. GT Robo says that Sunny can't use the technique forever and would be defeated easily. Coco outside the GT Robo astonishes at GT Robo (controlled by Starjun) entering into the Regal Mammoth saying the robo is going kill someone.

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