The Traps of the Troll Kong
Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Gourmet: 5
Japanese Title: トロルコングの罠!!
Story Arc: Fruit Of Rainbow Arc
Romanized Title: Tororu Kongu no Wana!!
Viz Title: The Troll Kong Trap!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: June 16, 2008
WSJ Issue: Issue 29-2008
Episodes: Episode 3
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The title of the page is on the first page of the manga chapter.

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The chapter starts with Toriko getting bitten by Zombie Taipans. Toriko is unfazed and he tells Komatsu to back away. He then inhales the cigar tree branch he was smoking and the smoke starts coming out of his body, making the Zombie Taipans release him. Komatsu is astonished as he knew that Zombie Taipans don't release their prey until it's dead. Toriko explains that he used the acetic in the smoke of the cigar tree that the snakes hate. He then tells Johannes and the guards to go to the Research Institute and he releases the bridge to cross the moat. Komatsu points out that Toriko needs to get some serum, but he says he already has it. A Troll Kong then observes them while grabbing rocks. The sky starts to cloud and Toriko observes that it's going to rain soon, pointing out that if lightning struck on the Rainbow Fruit, it would be troublesome. Komatsu then hurries back to Toriko with some natural Bacon Leaves, only to find Toriko already eating some wrapped around Banana Cucumbers. Komatsu then starts saying that the Bacon Leaves would go well with the Rainbow Fruit, and Toriko compliments him saying that he says chef like things once in a while. Just after this, Toriko steps on a trap and falls down while a Troll Kong suddenly attacks them. He throws some rocks at them and then turns to kill Komatsu, who is paralized with terror. Toriko saves him at the last moment using a Knocking Gun. The Troll Kong shakes in pain and pukes on and hits Toriko before falling down. Komatsu is surprised that Toriko only Knocks him and he asks if the Troll Kong will get back up again. Toriko affirms this and says that it will only last half a day. Komatsu is confused and asks Toriko if it's okay not to kill it. Toriko shrugs this by saying that it's not their objective. Komatsu is relieved that they took out the Troll Kong and says that they can now get the Fruit without worry. Toriko smiles while saying that it was only the tail of the herd. Toriko and Komatsu then meet the whole herd. Komatsu starts seeing a phantasmagoria while Toriko starts looking for the head.



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