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If We Don’t Eat Them
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Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Gourmet: 6
Japanese Title: 食わねーなら!!
Story Arc: Fruit Of Rainbow Arc
Romanized Title: Kuwanenara!!
Viz Title: Eat it or Leave it!!
Total Pages: 22
Year Released: June 23, 2008
WSJ Issue: Issue 30-2008
Episodes: Episode 3
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Eat It or Leave It!! is the 6th chapter of the Toriko manga.

Cover Page[]

It's a colour page featuring Toriko and a Troll Kong staring at each other.

Short Summary[]

Long Summary[]

As the herd of Troll Kongs observe the pair, Toriko figures that he can't use intimidation as he got the smell of an underling on him. He then proceeds to advise Komatsu to take a few weeks off work when they get back, as he won't be able to move due to the muscular rheumatism. The Troll Kong then start attacking and Toriko carries Komatsu on his back, warning him to not let go even for a 100th of a second. He then starts evading the various fists of the Kongs, keeping his movements gentle so that Komatsu would be able to hold on. He starts Knocking them and looks around for the boss. Komatsu complains that Toriko is not killing them, but Toriko exclaims that Troll Kongs meat is not edible so he wouldn't kill them. He then explains his principle: kill only to eat and eat everything he kills. It then starts to rain, and another bunch of Troll Kongs start attacking them. Toriko evades them all while Knocing them, but gets grabbed by one in the end. He sees no escape from this so he prepares to cut off the Troll Kong's arm while telling him to not think badly of him. It then quickly releases Toriko and he seems surprised. The rain had washed away the underling's odour and Toriko can finally use his intimidation. Just at that moment, a white Troll Kong hides just before a bolt of lightning strikes near them.

Toriko asks Komatsu to tell him which was the Troll Knong that escaped the quickest from the lightning. He explains that to be a boss one one has to have a good sense of danger. Komatsu points out that the one with the white hair escaped before the lightning and they head for it. Toriko easily passes through the crowd of Troll Kongs and then easily subdues the Silverback with a pat on the head. The chapter ends with Toriko and Komatsu standing before the Rainbow Fruit plant.



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