At Hotel Gourmet
Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Gourmet: 7
Japanese Title: ホテルグルメにて!!
Story Arc: Fruit Of Rainbow Arc
Romanized Title: Hoteru Gurume ni te!!
Viz Title: Inside Hotel Gourmet!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: June 30, 2008
WSJ Issue: Issue 31-2008
Episodes: Episode 3
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Cover PageEdit

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Short SummaryEdit

Toriko has a meal at the Hotel Gourmet and it culminates with the amazing Rainbow Fruit. Toriko finally decides on the first dish of his Full Course.

Long SummaryEdit

The chapter starts at the Hotel Gourmet, where Toriko is having a meal after all the ordeal for the Rainbow Fruit. As Toriko clears plates with roughly 2 bites each, the whole staff of the hotel keeps bringing and taking away more plates, impressed at the speed Toriko is eating. After eating a 700 gram steak in one bite and drinking a 40 degree brandy in one gulp, the staff is absolutely stunned. Meanwhile, the Kitchen is as busy as if it was a full house of customers and a chef reports that the food supply is almost gone. Komatsu then tells them that it was within his assumption and tells the others to prepare the Rainbow Fruit.

It is then revealed that Toriko only took one Rainbow Fruit back, as he didn't want to endanger the habitat of the Troll Kongs. Half of the Fruit was taken by the IGO and the rest was fought over at the World Kitchen. The restaurant was only to prepare a tiny bit of it.

After finishing his meal, enough for about a hundred people, he says he is only a tenth full and they finally bring the dessert. Only by seeing it, Komatsu and Toriko start drooling uncontrollably. Toriko then claims that this has surpassed every ingredient he has eaten so far in the restaurant. The juice of the Rainbow Fruit jelly then evaporates and forms a rainbow. Toriko starts eating it and as soon as it reaches his mouth, the flavour changes 4 times. He describes the flavours as the sweetness of hundreds of fully ripe mangoes and the sourness incomparable to lemons or kiwi fruits. The taste changes again to the fragant flavour of roasted chestnuts. After swallowing it, the taste changes again and then spreads to every last inch of Toriko's body, only to change taste a final time. Toriko then says out loud he has decided the dessert of his Full Course: The Rainbow Fruit. He then starts to celebrate this joyous occasion with all the staff of the Hotel.

In another town, known for their Gourmet Fortunes, a man named Coco starts complaining that a man with three scars under his eye will come to look for him.





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