Outbreak of War!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 9
Gourmet: 75
Japanese Title: 開戦!!
Story Arc: Century Soup Arc
Romanized Title: Kaisen!!
Viz Title: The Battle Begins!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: December 7, 2009
WSJ Issue: Issue 01-2010
Episodes: Episode 28
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The Gourmet Corp. start the attack on Ice Mountain and Toriko's group. Meanwhile, Zongeh and his goons meet Teppei next to the frozen body of the Hellboros.

Long SummaryEdit

Tommyrod, tired of the maze-like Ice Mountain, starts hatching a great amount of Bomb Bugs, which attach themselves to various parts of the cave. After hatching and destroying a Detonation Insect, he destroys the cave they were in, waking Toriko's group in the process. Toriko orders them to get ready and leave soon, knowing that the Gourmet Corp. is sending a strong force this time. Toriko also advises Komatsu to take good care of the Wall Penguin they found. Yun starts happily singing and Komatsu is torn between wanting its parents to come or not.

Meanwhile, Zongeh's group arrive to the end of the cave they found, while feeling big tremors. His partners fear that it is an earthquake, but Zongeh assures them that it is the signs of a big event occurring. Happily running, Zongeh runs straight into the jaw of a frozen beast, scaring him into screaming that this is the last boss. Teppei then appears, telling them to be quiet but still talking a whole lot himself. When asked who he is however, he clams up. He starts then admiring the Gourmet Show Window out loud, surprising Zongeh with this information. He then states that something is not right, that the frozen Hellboros is getting far too skinny. He says that the soup stock that are its body fluids are being squeezed dry. He then hurries away, telling Zongeh's group that he will tell them his name another day.

Back to Toriko's group, they are hurrying away from the explosions with Toriko following the Century Soup's smell. A bunch of Jungle Stag Beetles then arrive to attack the group. One of them pierces Toriko's arm, while another pair bites Shin's arm in half and pierces one of his eyes. When Match tries to cut one of them, it swiftly dodges the slash and the swarm cut him in different places. Tommyrod then states that he has found them and prepares to go where they are.

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