Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Gourmet: 8
Japanese Title: ココ!!
Story Arc: Puffer Whale Arc
Romanized Title: Koko!!
Viz Title: Coco!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: July 7, 2008
WSJ Issue: Issue 32-2008
Episodes: Episode 4
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Cover PageEdit

The cover page is seen with a large mountains.

Short SummaryEdit

Toriko and Komatsu are going to capture the Puffer Whale, but first they need to find someone who can take out the deadly poison inside it. Toriko goes to meet Coco, the second member of the Four Heavenly Kings.

Long SummaryEdit

Toriko and Komatsu are on another journey together, this time travelling by train. The reason this time is for Toriko to eat an ingredient himself. While enjoying a bottle or ten of tequila and Platinum Lemons, Toriko and Komatsu are discussing the rumours of the Puffer Whale, their target this time. Toriko mentions that this ingredient is extremely poisonous and that there are only 10 people in the world who know how to take out the poison. A Bishokuya named Zongeh then starts loudly complaining about the low quality of the alcohol while smashing a bottle. He then tries to intimidate Toriko into giving him the alcohol by showing him his Full Course. Toriko laughs a bit and stands up, scaring Zongeh a bit, but gives him the alcohol anyways. Komatsu asks Toriko if he is okay with being challenged like that. Toriko answers that Zongeh's purpose was only to test the other Bishokuya and intimidate them. A shaking old man then asks them for some alcohol too and Toriko gives him all, stating that they are getting off at the next station, Gourmet Fortune.

They arrive in the town, with Komatsu excited for being able to see someone able to prepare the Puffer Whale. However, they don't see a single person and Toriko explains that it may be due to the wild beasts coming out. A person then appears walking towards them on the main road. A big wild beast appears and tries to attack the person but them it backs off and goes away. Toriko then greets the man, Coco, the Gentleman of the Four Heavenly Kings, and asks him if he completed his Full Course. Coco says he is only missing 3 dishes and asks Toriko how his Full Course is doing.


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