Chapter Info
Volume: 10
Gourmet: 82
Japanese Title: ゴミ!!
Story Arc: Century Soup Arc
Romanized Title: Gomi!!
Viz Title: Trash!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: February 8, 2010
WSJ Issue: Issue 10-2010
Episodes: Episode 31
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Cover PageEdit

The cover page reintroduces Barrygamon, giving his name and position in the Gourmet Corp. It also shows Match and Ram during their fight with Barrygamon.

Short SummaryEdit

Ram, Louie, and Shin hold off Barrygamon while Match charges his exhaustion technique. Match finishes charging and ends up defeating Barrygamon.

Long SummaryEdit

After being dominated in combat by Barrygamon, Match comes to realize the only way he can beat Barrygamon is if he uses his Exhaustion technique, but needs a three minute period to charge the attack. Ram, Louie, and Shin step up to help Match by distracting Barrygamon during the three minute charging period, stating there should be no problems if each man holds their own for one minute. This was easily overcome by Barrygamon's power, as he beats down each man in half the time, but not completely. Louie grabs his leg to stop Barrygamon. Barrygamon, full of rage, pounds Louie into the ground with multiple devastating attacks. Then turns his attention to Match once again. As Barrygamon closes in to attack, that is the exact minute Match's charging for his technique is complete. Match lets out a huge yell, then uses his exhaustion technique, and defeating Barrygamon.

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