As the Soup Dictates...!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 11
Gourmet: 91
Japanese Title: 食材のおもむくままに...!!
Story Arc: Century Soup Arc
Romanized Title: Shokuzai no Omomuku Mama ni...!!
Viz Title: The Last Drop Leads the Way!!
Total Pages: 20
Year Released: April 12, 2010
WSJ Issue: Issue 19-2010
Episodes: Episode 36
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Cover PageEdit

The cover page is a Color page that shows Takimaru, Match, Teppei, Toriko, and Komatsu trying to get a taste of the Century Soup.

Short SummaryEdit

Teppei manages to squeeze one drop of the Century Soup from the gourmet show window. The chapter ends with as the soup dictates Komatsu as the one who receives it.

Long SummaryEdit

With everyone recovering from their fatal battles Komatsu arrives at the scene saddened. He then informs them about how the micro-model GT Robo took the last bowl of the Century Soup. Toriko comforts Komatsu stating that failing to capture a Ingredient happens all the time even with the Top professional Bishokuya. Komatsu then sheds tires inspired by the humbleness of the Former. Meanwhile, Teppei remembers what his Master Yosaku stated prior to the events of the Century Soup that he won't forgive a failure in capturing the soup because its a request from Setsuno and legendary national treasure. He also predicts that the Gourmet Show Window will be destroyed shocking Teppei. Furthermore, he also advises him to the Soup will choose its owner He then wonders if the Soup actually chose the Bishokukai but then ignores that theory. Sticking with his intuition he decides to wring out the show window to the max in hopes that a few drops of the Soup come out. One drop is squeezed out by doing so but he stops everyone from getting it as the Ingredient chooses the person. The soup then dictates Komatsu as the one who receives it.

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