Gourmet Town, the once great wonder of the Gourmet Age.

The Gourmet Age is the title given to the golden age of food-driven prosperity that the Human World had known for over 500 years. It began around 500 years ago with the actions of the legendary Gourmet Hunter Acacia, who ended the preceding Gourmet War by enlightening world leaders with the mystical taste and power of his main dish, GOD.

The age was named for the great cultural and economic obsession with food which resulted from Acacia's actions, ushering in an age of appreciation towards all delicacies and a desire to discover and share unknown tastes.

The era sadly came to an end 500 years later due to the actions of the Gourmet Corp. boss Midora who unleashed a horrific and devastating attack known as Meteor Spice which destroyed countless resources and world countries, at the end of the events in the 50th Cooking Festival.

After a year and a half, Toriko returned to the Human World with his combo partner in order to ease the hunger of humankind and to restore the Gourmet Age with the help of the other Heavenly Kings and his father's Full Course.

Pre-Gourmet AgeEdit

100 Year Gourmet WarEdit


The Gourmet War ravages the Human World.

For a century before the Gourmet Age, the Human World was ravaged by a desperate total war waged on all sides to control the world's dwindling food supply. This was known as the Gourmet War, and over its course countless nations fell to ruin and millions of lives were lost. This terrible state of affairs persisted until the arrival of the holy Bishokuya Acacia, who gave to each world leader a sample dish of the Sacred Ingredient he had discovered during his research and travels in the Gourmet World, allowing them to become enlightened by its divine taste and ending the war once and for all.[1]

Entering the Gourmet AgeEdit

A New EraEdit

Following the end of the war, peace talks were made between the once warring nations of the world and this would eventually lead to the founding of the United Nations which would help to maintain international relations and global peace. Due to the inspiring taste of Acacia's holy ingredient, an increase in the interest of gourmet ingredients began springing up among the population of the Human World who all naturally grew fanatical about ingredients and eventually this would lead to a cultural boom in the interest for new tastes and ingredients. This would mark the true beginning of the Gourmet Age.[1]

United Nations and IGOEdit

IGO HQ Eps 48

The IGO becomes an important symbol of the Gourmet Age.

To meet the rising global demand for gourmet ingredients, the United Nations established a specialized department that would focus on the circulation and progression of gourmet ingredients, this department was known as the IGO. Eventually this department would garner even more popularity than the United Nations and end up becoming an independent organization of its own with even more influence and power over the world than the United Nations or any other global organization.[2]



End of the Gourmet Age

500 years after the Gourmet Age began, it eventually came to an end during the 50th Cooking Festival, due to the attack by the Gourmet Corp. on the Human World. The world and the era had been defended by the IGO allies whilst the IGO president Ichiryu himself tried to defeat the catalyst that would bring fourth the end of the Gourmet Age, the Gourmet Corp. Boss Midora. However he was unable to defeat him and Ichiryu would eventually lose his life in the process. Midora then unleashed a horrifically powerful attack dubbed 'Meteor Spice' that would strike down upon the Human World and create massive devastation. The aftermath of Midora's Meteor Spice resulted in vast destruction across the Human World, causing resource and economic losses that were almost unmeasurable and over 80% of the Human population were victims of the horrific attack, however deaths were thankfully kept to a low level thanks to the pre-planned efforts by President Ichiryu who left several instructions to the IGO detailing what they must do in case of a worst-case scenario. Due to the severe losses, food shortages now threaten humankind and therefore the prosperous and plentiful Gourmet Age came to an end.


A year and a half after the fall of Meteor Spice, Toriko and Komatsu returned from the Gourmet World. Their first action was relieving the hunger of the people and Toriko initiated the Rain of Food which sent an enormous bounty of food all over the Human World, buying enough time for Ichiryu's Full Course Menu to be completed. With that, the Billion Bird was revived and the spirit was reignited in the Human World as the hunger was satiated from its eggs, meat and body. Now with the vitality of Human World restored, the saiseya began to work on reviving the soil, while the IGO gets reorganized to revive the Gourmet Age. But in order to completely restore the age, Gourmet World ingredients are indispensable and for that the strength of the Four Heavenly Kings will be used, according to Mansam.


  • The Gourmet Age is the equivalent to the term "Golden Age" from our Earth.


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