Gourmet Beach
Japanese グルメビーチ
Romanized Gurume bīchi
Location Human World
Affiliation Cumin, Safla
Debut Appearance
Anime Episode 69
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Gourmet Beach is a vast shoreline that stretches 100 kilometers along the coast with tons of seaside houses and plenty more food stands lined up one after another which offer a wide variety of delicious summer meals and treats, truly making this beach a gourmet resort by the sea. At night, a display of Fireworcuits are shot into the sky creating a dazzling and delicious spectacle which gently rains down sweet biscuits after exploding.


All of the meals and treats served at the Gourmet Beach's food stands:


Toriko's Break ArcEdit

Toriko, Komatsu, Terry Cloth, Yun and Ob came to the Gourmet Beach to enjoy a brief break from their recent hectic encounters and taste the special summer meal of Gatsukatsu Curry prepared by an old friend of Toriko's. After arriving, Terry Cloth, Yun and Ob went out to a remote cliff side where they could enjoy the sea without frightening locals, meanwhile Toriko and Komatsu went to the stand owned by Toriko's friend but along the way they enjoy some treats from other stands and meet up with Rin, Tina, Setsuno and Jiro who were also on break at the beach, with the exception of Tina who was there to do a documentary of the beach. Toriko, Komatsu, Rin and Tina then head to the food stand only to find Cumin, the son of Toriko's old friend desperately asking for Toriko's aid in finding his lost sister Safla. He then tells Toriko that his father had died and that now it was up to him to run the store and serve his father's Gatsukatsu Curry, but in order to do so he needed the necessary ingredients which his sister Safla had gone out to find. The group then goes to find her and help her capture the remaining ingredients.

After several dangerous events and encounters, the group and Safla finally return with all the needed ingredients and are able to prepare the Gatsukatsu Curry and serve it to all at the beach, who greatly enjoyed the meal especially during the Fireworcuits display.


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