Gourmet Casino
Japanese グルメカジノ
Romanized Gurume Kajino
Location Jidar Kingdom
Affiliation Livebearer, Underground Cooking World
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 160
Anime Episode 88
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Gourmet Casino is the world's largest Gourmet Gambling Establishment and is known as the number one casino. Out of all of the million Gourmet Gambling Establishments, the Gourmet Casino boasts the largest size and ability to attract customers. Since the Jidar Kingdom is not associated with the IGO, gambling and crime happen without consequence and Gourmet Casino is free to exhibit many different and illegal ingredients. Currently it is Jidal Kingdom’s greatest attraction for tourism.

The actual area of the town is 650 square kilometers. The casino space, which comprises 20% of that, is said to have 100 trillion yen being exchanged each day. In the city, there are top-level 10-star hotels and restaurants all lined up side by side. The Gourmet Casino is divided into three main parts:

General AreaEdit

In the general area customers can exchange cash for "Gourmet Coins", in order to play classic casino games such as the "Like Number Tree" or the "100 Face Slot" for a chance to win rare ingredients.

Gourmet CoinsEdit

Edible tokens used as food and cash. The higher the value of the token, the more delicious it is.


Like Number TreeEdit

Mushroom  Gourmet Casino  Sushi
Like Number Tree
IGO Icon 2 Name IGO Icon 2
Japanese ぞろ目の木
Romanized Zorome no Ki
English Like Number Tree
IGO Icon 2 Statistics IGO Icon 2
Type Plant
Capture Level 6
Height 7m
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Gourmet 162
Anime Episode 89
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A tree with numbers on it, ranging from 1 to 6. The player hits the knot in the middle, and if the three rotating numbers line up the same, the fruit enlarges. The higher the number on the fruit, the better the taste is.

100 Face SlotEdit

The 100 Face Slot (100面スロット 100-Men Surotto) is a gigantic slot machine with 100 faces vertically and 100 faces horizontally with 40 types of pictures in all. It rotates at 100-150 meters per second; as you get further, the rotation speeds up and the multipliers decrease. Because of Coco’s vision, he can hit all the highest value faces.

Other GameEdit

Anime only.

VIP AreaEdit

Vip Area

VIP Area Gourmet Casino

In the VIP area, customers wager ingredients in order to win other ingredients. Games are typically more violent in this area, usually involving the lives of those in debt to the casino. Through these games debtors are able to repay their debts easily but in return they dangerously risk their lives in games such as the Gamble Berry.

Underground VIP AreaEdit

Underground Vip Area

Underground Vip Area

In the Underground VIP Area customers wager their Food history (Memories of ingredients that have been eaten in the past) in the form of Taste Data. Its original intention was to falsify Gourmet ID for the person who ate illegal ingredients in which the information of extinct ingredients can be revive through the Taste Data. If a person loses a game that they are currently playing, their Food history is taken and effectively erased. The only known game in this area is Food Concentration played with Livebearer whose current score is 214 wins and 1 loss (Following Toriko, Coco, Match, and Komatsu's game against him).


Appearances in Other MediaEdit

Toriko: Gourmet MonstersEdit


The Gourmet Casino in Toriko: Gourmet Monsters.

In Toriko: Gourmet Monsters for the 3DS, the Gourmet Casino appears as an area in the game where the player can gamble and earn more yen. It is located in the Jidar Kingdom area.


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